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TJ6 stretch


May 20, 2020
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First TJ post in the forum. Suck it loosers.

Stretching my TJ 10" in the rear fenderwell. Got a piece from a donor rusty tub. There's a facebook group dedicated to the process where most people go the full 15" to an LJ. More to come, just wanted to be the first in here.

Maybe they do.

I'm using 4x3x.25 tube to extend the frame bc it fits over the factory frame well.


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Made some progress. Frame's cut and I've started splicing the donor body back in.

I was going to buy brackets from genrite but someone on facebook made fun of me so I'm going to make my own now. Fooling with the 4 link calculator while I wait on a new feed roller for my mig so I can run smaller wire. 035 wire is blowing through the sheetmetal too often so I've switched to 023 but my welder won't feed it as equipped.

Picked up some $100 317's for my 6.0 since it's from the 01's when they had iron heads.




I’m always stumped at guys who stretch the tub but don’t go right to Lj length. Even if you don’t plan on running a top it certainly limits you in the future should you decide.

still watching and subscribed. What’s the general plans for the build?

So uh... got any plans for the rest of the donor tub? I'm currently stretching a YJ and the soft top channels at the top of the tub are hard to come by. I was able to track down some from a junkyard, but they're TJ length. I need another 15", but I'll take whatever I can get. Any chance you want to sawzall off the tops of the tub and ship em to me for some money?
Here's where I'm currently at:
Why did you stretch the tub there instead of the foot well?