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Those Sneaky Nigers


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May 19, 2020
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Jacksonville, FL
No matter how you look at it, something is fishy.

-This new "security" that was recently put in place failed miserably, instantly????? Suuuuure it did...

-A state getting scammed out of hundreds of millions of dollars and its not HUGE news????? Riiiiiiight...
Nigerians stole a few hundred million in Washington State and Fed unemployment benefits from Gov. Ensley and an Obama cronie. How is this not national news?



They say a few hundred million, but they're not even sure how much.

Wonder if it all left the state, could the DNC be this dirty?

It made a brief flash of National News so that Leftists could say it made National News. Then it got buried, just like Rotherham and the other Muslim rape-gangs.

Right now the story that Media is ignoring, not even a flash of National News, is the complete and utter failure of the end of Apartheid and what's going on in South Africa. Not that I think this is the most important buried story but it's interesting to see that The Machine can't figure out a way to spin that shit, it's redpills all the way down.
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