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Team of the week: #4989 Arturo Soria


May 19, 2020
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Oakland, CA
Hey all, with racing season starting to pick up, I figured I start a thread that showcased some of the racers and their teams that race in either the Ultra4 races or the NorCal Rock Races. Nothing to in depth, but to showcase some of the people and rigs that are helping to innovate our sport and hobby. I'm going to try to showcase a team a week, depending if I have photos of them from past races:laughing: Also, if you think there's a team that might need some exposure, shoot me a PM and I'll check to see if I have any photos of them to create a post.
With that intro out of the way, I thought I'd start with Team #4898, Arturo Soria. I met Arturo through my friends Jason & Chris at WheelingWineandWhiskey at the 2019 Ultra4 Nationals and have to say, he and his family are one of the most down to earth people you could meet, super friendly and awesome to hang around with. To learn more, check him out on Instagram at Login • Instagram



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