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Tall enclosed trailers with 7' door?


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May 27, 2020
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Morgantown, WV
I've been doing some trailer shopping and I'm having a hard time finding what I want. I'm looking to pick up an enclosed trailer to haul my junk in but also to camp in when on trips. my major issue is that my rig is large. its a full body chevy 2500 on 40s and I will be able to get it in my 7' tall garage with suck down winches but its still a tight fit. figured I could pick up a large enclosed trailer cheaper than I could buy a deckover gooseneck and truck camper in decent shape. does any one have any experience getting a tall enclosed trailer? most of the in stock models I have looked that have "extra height" are still not tall enough.
Here is a link to some good info on the two enclosed trailers I've bought/sold/kept over the last two years:

They can be found with with tall doors (extra height) and wide doors (extra width). My current, white 28' trailer has the tall and wide door options, and also has the curved roof instead of the flat roof. Curved roof which equals a few extra inches/feet once inside of the gate (ie you could suck down to get into the trailer and release the winches for transport).
I bought my trailer just a few months ago (reno ongoing) but it has a 7' +change tall door on it. Was hard to find, but they're out there.

You can order them new in that size.
All of my trailers have 7' plus height.

They are roll doors if that helps in knowing.
All of my trailers have 7' plus height.

They are roll doors if that helps in knowing.
In all my searching, I never found a roll-up rear door on an enclosed trailer. Care to post some pics?
Sure ill take some when I go to my storage lot next.

Not roll up like some garage doors but maybe a better description would be sectional roll up door, as in rolls up on a track and then parallel to the inside roof of the trailer.
My toy hauler has 9' walls and an 8' X 98" door. The fenders would need to be reinforced for something that heavy though.
-Haulmark Edge race trailers

-Continental Cargo Nitro race trailers.

Both of those companies will build you what you want. I bought a 28' Continental Cargo Nitro race trailer from Phil's Trailer Sales in the Waco, TX area. They are located 15min from the manufacturer and have some killer pricing on both of those brands of trailers. People come from all over the US to buy enclosed trailers there. They are pretty much the top of the food chain in the race trailer sales business.
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