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Talk to me about Caddy Escalade ESVs


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Jun 1, 2020
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Wife wants to trade in her JKU for an Escalade ESV. We want a 3 row that has room behind the 3rd row for our Great Danes and that can tow our enclosed with our UTVs (total weight probably around 7k lbs) from Houston to Dallas mostly flat ground. She’s liking the 2015-2020 Escalade the best over like a Denali XL or Suburban. I know the expedition Max can also tow but it has that dang eco boost like my Raptor and the raptor doesn’t love towing. What are the typical problems/issues with the caddy’s? We’re looking at preowned between 50-75k miles or so. She’s usually putting about 15k miles a year on her cars.
PS the excursion isn’t an option, she wants something not older than 5-6 years old.
Go for a lesser equipped Suburban IMO. 5-6 years old with 50-75k miles seems like a sweet spot for all those nicety electronic features in the Escalade or Denali to start glitching out.
Problem with the burb is most of them have the 5.3, I’d rather have the 6.2
Do you need third row all the time? Look into the QX80 if not. Tows like a beast IMO. Mine had the HBMC suspension and never sways or anything.
We don’t always need 3rd row no, but when we do we also need the rear space behind the seats for the dogs. I did actually consider selling my Raptor and getting another ram 2500 with a nice topper but meh. It sucks shoehorning 6 people in a truck and it’ll only get worse as the boys get older (almost 7 and soon to be 9)
We've had a few '15+ Yukon XL Denalis. The AC condenser usually go bad, first one was bad when we got it, the one we have now went around 85k. Not a horrible job, but it's common.
Drive it for a long way and watch for torque converter shudder, the 6 and 8 speeds both have that issue, I've seen ones with 30k do it.
Other than that no real issues, the one had 140k on it. I usually tune them as soon as we get them so I don't have to worry about the AFM. I have nothing against the Escalade, but I want the 6.2 and long wheelbase and we seem to just end up with the Yukon. I rarely see a Suburban Premier, so the search is usually for Yukon or Escalades.
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