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May 19, 2020
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Found a CUCV M1028 . Good running and looking truck. Got some front springs,rear shackle flip,cross over steering stuff from ORD. Some wheels and tires from TrailWorthyFab.



Truck came with a detroit in rear and a limited slip in front. Found the limited slip to be lacking.
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Yes sir. 6.2L,TH400,208,4.56, Detroit rear,Grizzly front, ORD front springs,PSC steering stuff.

Banks Sidewinder is worth every penny, real complete kit, and turned my 'Burb from a slug into a scoot... nothing record breaking, but I can run 80 at less than 1/4 throttle and it looks like I may manage better than 20 mpg if I can stay outta the boost. =)
Wow- I'm liking the front bumper/ guard set up! That would look great on my K20 !
They are all but exhausted in the government surplus marketplaces..

The production numbers made the majority of the models M1008 more available when they were being sold off.

The models like the M1031 and M1028A2 always brought a premium as we have sceen in the past where I asked for guesses on final price I think it was a M1028A2 in a thread on the P forum.

The M1031 and M1028A2 had or at least were more likely to have the fig 8 pattern NP205 transfer cases.

But to be fair for anyone that goes to the expence in time to go search for it I might have deleted the thread.

that CUCV was damn clean
I have another for sale and Fred Williams has a real nice one for sale.
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Went on a ride with Ohio River Four Wheelers down around Red River Gorge area. Have a set of Traction Offroad Friction wheels with 40x13.50R17 Atturo Trail Blade Boss tires mounted. Like the wheels alot. Like the tires too. The tires are 10ply rated.
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