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Strike the colors


May 21, 2020
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It's over.

No 3%s there, that's for certain.
BTW, they sure are getting smeared by gaggle and wiki, painting them as an anti-American hate group when they are the opposite.
I just went over the op
the fubar crest with a mask needs decommissioning.
Fukk that weeenie stuff.
Guys downrange and all.
Nope. Thread is pretty clear, just like your post making no reference to the eagle wearing a mask. If you'd like I can spell it out in your favorite flavor of crayon.

Typical, you think I need to reference what the thread was started over

sometimes it’s just better when you stay in the slow lane
My best man is a nam vet...
ret. Jarhead....
H8's the outcome +40 ish...
Did he sanitize his dick beaters before he grabbed that telescope?
So this is just social media (twitter) bullshit?
Or is this dod (changed to mask wearing logo)?
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