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Stranded--- Dillon Montana


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May 19, 2020
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So. Cal.
Just got a call from a buddy looking for parts. He's about 40 miles south of Dillon Montana on I-15.

Late model Diesel Pusher Tiffin with a Cummins QX9- looking for an upper Rad. hose.

Anyone know any truck repair shops in the area? I know its a long shot. I found two dealers neither are real close, But you get what you get.
From what I can figure it really doesn't have a real hose, It's a combination of piping and couplings/elbows, So guessing a heavy truck repair shop might be able to cobble something together.

in the AM I'm going to try a dealer about parts in Missoula, 3 hrs away.

Not looking for a rescue, just someone that might know the area.

I know its the middle of BFE.


Buddy stuck in Dillon MT, looking for a shop to repair cooling system on Diesel pusher.

EDIT: That may not be a good power plant, I can't find that designation online. so I have no idea what Cummins is in this thing.
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There is a Napa just north of there in Ronan and also tractor shops so odds are parts are available.
Try Lavelle Equipment in Butte. A WHOLE lot closer than missoula. (406) 490-4321 200 La Salle St Butte, MT 59701 United States. If he gets on towards Bozeman, I am over here and can help.
Silver bow truck or Gilboys towing in Butte may be able to help.

If he finds parts somewhere between Bozeman and Butte this morning I should be able to help getting them to him. Also if he needs tools I can probably come up with something.
If its a Freightliner chassis shoot me the last 6 of the VIN, I might be able to grab a PN and search for ya.
If its a Freightliner chassis shoot me the last 6 of the VIN, I might be able to grab a PN and search for ya.

They have a tow truck that MAY be able to get them to town, searching for a freightliner dealer now. the think is too tall to go on a lowbed, so flat tow. sounds like a dealer in Idaho is closest.

Idaho Falls
Sounds like they DID get a wrecker and they are headed to Turney Repair & Towing, Dillon
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Butte is the closest town of any size, odds are the part will come from Missoula if there is one to be found in the area.
No help other then there are worse places he could have broke down. I'd pop open the side and enjoy until the tow trucks showed up.
They are on the hook now, and should be at the repair shop in Minutes,. Hopefully I'll get an update on whats up.

Towing a jeep, so back of the coach, and front of the jeep covered in coolant.
PN 05-34452-000

plenty in the PDCs, but no dealers close are showing one...would be a day or so out for most.
Suprised those things don't have a compartment filled with spare parts or repair kits for stuff like this.
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