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:laughing: You're a fucking asshat, dude :flipoff2:

Oh, and . . . STFUG

EDIT: had forgotten about this, just found on PBB:

Our Dearest Gregory,

It has been brought to my attention that you are in fact the president and founder of the special interest group know by that catchy acronym: SFSLDCCPFA. As such, I believe you have responsibilities that your actions fail to fulfill. I have no personal experience with your group's interests (and, honestly zero desire for such) but, as their figurehead, you have a duty to your peers as the primary ambassador for all SFSLDCCPFA members. Your incessant asshattery on PBB is negatively impacting the public's perception of you and your kind.

As it has become abundantly clear that you lack either the intelligence or discipline to post like "normal" people do, so you must seriously consider whether or not you should post at all. The SFSLDCCPFA are already fighting an uphill battle (as y'all are admittedly a bit of a fringe group) and you are doing them a disservice by sheer association.

You can do this, and we're here for you, buddy! I promise that PBB will be supportive of you if you choose to stop posting for the sake of your beloved SFSLDCCPFA. I don't know of any other SFSLDCCPFA members on PBB, and with your antics I'd bet none of them are even willing to say they are part of the SFSLDCCPFA. Think about that! - your SFSLDCCPFA peers afraid to speak up out of dread of being associated with their founder! That is sad, and it's time to empower your peers to proclaim, "I'm the SFSLDCCPFA, just like Gregj50"!

Unless any SFSLDCCPFA peeps speak on your behalf in this thread, we respectfully request that you stick a cork in your flapping cockscrubber.


Note: SFSLDCCPFA = Shit-Fingered, Sack-Licking, Donkey Cawk Chugging Pig Fuckers of America


:flipoff2: :laughing:
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