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FL Steel tubing - DOM and ERW - JD2 Tube Bender - Notcher - North Florida - $1200


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May 20, 2020
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Stick are full 20 feet length. Tube has surface rust but cleans up with a wire brush. JD2 manual tubing bender has 180 degree dies for 1.75” and 1” tube. Notcher is the small drill driven style that uses hole saws and can be clamped in a vice or bolted down.

No shipping, pick up location in North Florida is close to major interstates I-75 and I-10. Would prefer to sell all as a bundle. I have a tractor with front end loader that can be used to help load it.

11.5 sticks 1.75” DOM 0.120 wall.
2 sticks 1.5” ERW 0.120 wall
7 sticks 1” ERW 0.120 wall
2 short sticks (like 8 feet) 1.375” ERW 0.25 wall

Comes with free standing floor rack built from 1.75” DOM (about 2 sticks worth)

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