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Spinoff: Easy money wedding photo shoots


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May 20, 2020
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Ok, so a spin-off from the thread of the no refund/facebook trolling.

It seems there is a possibly underutilized business model here. So apparently wedding couples are pretty easy to have sign a no refund contract. So have a company that does legit photography or at least someone they can easily subcontract out. Then have at least one very attractive male and female who go out and engage in activities with the spouses and have evidence of this occurring. Show significant other, wedding is off, you get paid for no work. if it doesn’t work out, just take the pics and give it to them (or again have a subcontract to someone pretty good and short notice).

Seems like a win/win you get paid no matter what, the to be husband unknowingly thanks you years later for his almost mistake?
I thought for sure a car accident was going to be the other half of this business model.
I am in a few photography groups they all think they are top notch lets just say. Your 15 year old cannon is not the shit neither is your 8 year old nikon . I probably have about 18k tied up in software computers and camera equipment. And I still think I am a rookie lol. But to relate yea alot of the clowns and their so called photography business all do the half up front and then cry they never have any work. So it makes for fun times when they get desperate because being a full time barista doesnt pay their bills. And they still run around touting themselves as professional photographers. I bet its fully in part to the google reviews of how they didnt refund money because of a premarital falling out.
Wife photographed a bunch of weddings years back. She pulled in enough to pay for all the property taxes plus some.

Weddings are definitely something to cash in on.
I do al lot of photography. Some paid, some for fun.

Fuck trying to deal with women on the most stressful day of their lives. Oh and if you're company isn't incorporated and you get sued for not making the psycho's day an InstaSnapFace miracle.....you loose your house. Fuck weddings.

There was a wedding photographer in the last year or so that had their business destroyed due to the bride and groom going on a media rant because "I didn't get my photos". The real story was that they hadn't picked the cover of their wedding album (material, colour etc.) and the contract stated that all physical products would be delivered at the same time. All the douchebags had to do was say "Black leather" and they would have had their shit but nooooo. Had to fuck someones life because they're too fucktarded to read and understand a contract.

I'll stick with simpler even though less profitable engagements.
My wife and I got married on Maui. We had 2 friends we put good cameras in their hands and said take as many photos as you can. They got some great shots for us. We repaid the favor to one of them when they got married in Vegas. Sadly the other passed away last year.