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TX Spidertrax Chromoly Heat Treated Rotors

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May 22, 2020
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Spidertrax Chromoly Heated Treated Rotors
Part # RTR514Y
Retail $299 a rotor
Spidertrax stopped producing because cost was going even higher on next run.
New in the box.
I have a pair.

$520 shipped or $500 picked up in Austin, Texas
Email - olivezdog at gmail

What spidertrax says:
Laser Cut Chromoly:
Building on years of testing in Ultra4 & short course venues, we've developed an all new rotor that exceeds every braking performance category Ultra4 has come to know. We start with the finest domestic grade chromoly steel, laser cut to precision boasting our time proven 14" diameter profile.

CNC Machined:
After laser cutting, we CNC machine both sides of every Pro Series Rotor with our unique Ultra4 slot pattern, designed specifically for optimized pad wear. CNC machining allows us even finer precision, giving us the ability to provide slot patterns beyond the tolerance and capability of laser.

Heat Treated:
After CNC machining, every Pro Series Rotor is heat treated using the strictest standards in the industry. Heat treating provides a number of benefits to our Pro Series Rotor including unprecedented wear life, elimination of any potential warping under heavy use, and the ability to handle more aggressive brake pad compounds.

Double Surface Ground:
After heat treat, we finish every Pro Series Rotor with double surface grinding, holding a rotor straightness of just .002". This ensures every Pro Series Rotor is perfect, with zero worry of odd brake pedal feel due to a warped rotor. Out of the box, Pro Series Rotors are ready for race day the second you install them.Attachments
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