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SpaceX  Crew-1 Launch

May 19, 2020
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T minus 1:40:00 and counting, if they can get the door to seal.:rolleyes:
I was wrong on the fix. WD40 ftw!
Just was out in the front yard with my kids watching it go up. The cape is about 120 miles north and we got to see a nice orange streak in the sky. Night launches are my favorite.
It still amazes me how much room and comfort these astronauts have in these rockets. These things are the Cadillac of space travel.
I watched the last 60 minutes to launch and not a mention of who the crew is. Wth?
And a hitchhiker?

And here we are, a short 2 years later and a different space company is hiring Spacex to send civilians to the ISS. I really like what Axiom has planned for the long term and hope they manage to bring it together in my lifetime. I really want to see a real space station (a la 2001 A Space Odyssey) in orbit before I die.
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