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So about the protests in Phoenix...


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Nov 3, 2020
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++ Cliffs at the bottom but I hope you'll read the whole thing when you have time.

I hope everyone realizes that what's going on right now will be in the history books at some point. With that mindset I've always wanted to be able to see first hand some of these events. Years ago I was almost out the door to go support the Bundy Ranch when all that was going on and decided against it at the last minute and I kick myself now for not going. Well, this year has provided us plenty of opportunities to be a part of history.

Earlier this year I was in Minnesota the weekend the riots there kicked off. I for damn sure wasn't going to try getting involved in that mess but it was crazy to think that I was so close to something like that. I took a trip back to Minnesota again in August and had a little extra time to drive down Lake Street where the majority of the shit went down and it was just crazy seeing the remnants of the riots.

With the protests going on in Phoenix I knew this was my best opportunity to get in the thick of it and actually see with my own 2 eyes what's really going on and I wanted to share a couple things I noticed while I was there. Please bear with me as there was a lot to unpack from what I saw last night.

When I got there around 8pm last night someone was speaking and it was obviously gaining the interest of the entire crowd, I mean the entire crowd was focused on this 1 person. I couldn't tell who it was and I got there just a little bit after they started but I quickly found out that it was Alex Jones! He started off in the middle of the crowd and it was packed around him, again it was so tight I couldn't tell who it was at first. He then made his way over to a truck and stood up in the bed so everyone could see him while he did what Alex Jones do.

Towards the end of his speech a couple people rolled up on the crowd with signs that had Trump looking like a pig and something along the lines of "Proud Boys stay back 6 feet, duh". It took less than a minute for the crowd to chase them off. I was too far back to see the details but after I got back home I found some video of what really happened at that end of the crowd. Aside from one retard throwing a water bottle at them nothing else happened aside from the crowd pushing them away. I also saw in the video a guy dressed in fatigues tacticooled out facing the crowd telling them to stay back and right towards the end I saw him put his hand on a handgun that he had strapped to the front of his gear, remember the guy in fatigues. Like I said, at the time I didn't see this going on, but I interacted with the fatigue guy later in the evening. Remember the water bottle guy too, he stood out a couple times during the night.

After Alex left, the next hour or two was pretty much like this, there was always a center of the group where a couple people had microphones and they'd either get the crowd excited to do some chanting to the Elections Office, or let people tell their stories, a couple prayers were said, the crowd all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner was played, pretty much what you'd expect from a conservative protest. Outside of the main circle there were always little bunches of people just hanging out and talking, some were pretty fervent in their beliefs and let you know them, many I talked with were really cool and you could actually have a conversation with them. A couple people you could tell would not be disappointed if something got started. Aside from the Trump pig poster guys when Alex was there, there were really only 2, maybe 3 very small groups of 4 or less people that came by to oppose the protesters and they only stuck around for a few moments. I never saw anyone get aggressive towards them, but not many kind words were sent their way and they moved on.

This is until right at the end of the night, and this is where things got interesting, were it not for the next 15-20 minutes I would have came back home and slept like a baby having thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Instead I stayed up pretty much all night trying to wrap my head around everything that happened right at the end of the night.

So the evening is winding down, probably half of the media has either left or started packing up their gear, most of the crowd is still there, but some people have started to call it a night Then this guy shows up, goes right to the middle of the circle and starts talking with the people who've obviously been running the show the whole night, one of them being a lady that by the time I get over there is the person this guy is talking to. Again, I found video of the details after I got home, but when I got there the lady this guy was harassing kept telling him she's not a racist. At some point she says she smells alcohol on his breath and tells him he should go home and make sure he doesn't drive to get there. At one point she leans towards him to get a better smell and he moves in like he's going to kiss her. The crowd's already riled up at this point because this guy is pushing some lines, a guy next to me is ready to lay this guy out.

Of course while this is all going on, there are plenty of people trying to calm everyone down, trying to get people to listen to what this guy has to say but that obviously isn't his agenda. He starts getting close to another lady with a Trump flag, I mean he's really getting in her face and she tells him to get the fuck away from her. Shortly after this the Sheriffs come over to escort this guy out of the crowd and have a chat with him, the crowd is fully in support of this happening. Again, aside from a few, pretty much everybody does not want to see anything escalate.

After this guy has his chat with the Sheriffs, I see him go right to a group of reporters and they're more than willing to give him all of their attention. This is when things really started to get weird. Now there reporters that he's headed to haven't been interacting with the crowd for at least an hour but all of a sudden he has their complete attention. I tried to get close and listen to what was being said but even being less than 5 feet away he was speaking so softly and the din of the crowd was just loud enough I couldn't hear a word that was being said. This was the biggest reason I spent so much time trying to find other people videos of the night.

Now remember the water bottle guy? And the fatigues guy? Well, while the guy is giving his interview to the media, water bottle guy is being loud and wanting to know why the media is giving attention to just this guy. He's also spouting off about the guy being drunk and on and on. The next thing I know he's getting into a bit of an argument with this hipster millennial looking guy who does not look like he belongs, but he's claiming to be a Trump supporter. Remember Millennial guy too.

So after a few minutes the interview is over and everyone is talking about the nonsense that just happened right in front of our eyes and I start to take notice of fatigues guy and how he's hanging out with the news crew. Now I remember this guy from earlier in the night, he seemed like a part of the crowd, talking about the election and the hope of Trump winning Arizona, etc, etc. One weird thing I noticed is that he stayed in the same spot towards the outside of the crowd the whole time and putting 2 and 2 together i realize that this guy is either security for the media or under cover. Another thing I noticed while he was hanging out with the film crew was that they obviously knew each other and had likely worked together in the past.


A conservative protest goes exactly like you'd expect, for the most part no one wants any violence or escalation but there is still definitely a group mentality when you have, a group. Media plants are a VERY real thing and they are definitely there to get a rise out of the crowd in the attempt to at least draw a reaction. Not everyone in the crowd is part of the crowd. And yes, Alex Jones is as crazy as you think he is but he knows how to work a crowd and is definitely entertaining. If you ever have the chance to check something like this out, DO IT! You will not be disappointed.

If you're interested in video of the media plant at the end of the night check out these links, they're all worth checking out as they all capture different moments. FYI, water bottle guy is wearing a jersey with what looks like an American Indian on the front, kind of like the Chiefs logo. Millennial guy and fatigue guy should be pretty easy to find too. The links should jump to the right times but I put the times in in case they don't:

This is a short one that does a really good job of capturing the gist of it, jump to 2:10 for the impatient:


This is a complete livestream of the night, jump to 4:39:11


Another long livestream, start at 1:18:03

And then?

Did the media come out with biased crap in favor of alcohol smelling creepy guy?

I almost forgot, one of the news outlets interviewing the guy at the end was Associated Press, I'm keeping an eye out for it today. I didn't catch the other outlets who were interviewing him.
I've been trying to figure out what the media angle here was and I was focusing too much on the drunk guy at the end of the night when I should have been focusing on Alex Jones. It looks like the spin I'm seeing the most of is that Alex Jones really fired up the protesters after he arrived. (Which didn't happen, the crowd had pretty much forgotten about Alex 5 minutes after he left) Here are some articles I found about last night:


I have to give credit where credit is due, the pictures taken for this article are on point, someone must have known exactly where to be at exactly the right time to capture these:


And a twitter feed from someone who was mentioned in a number of other articles I found, this guy's a real piece of work:

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