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May 22, 2020
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i built the shop in 2015 and never finished walls or insulation ,
im setting up woodworking shop and want to insulate and cover walls with sheetrock for soundproofing , i have ****s neighbor so keeping noise down is my goal.i might go overboard and glue 2" rigid insulation to overhead doors :)
its huge PITA to move everything from walls and ceilings ... you know everybody say FINISH THE SHOP NOW OR IT WILL NEVER BE DONE once you have stuff in there
thats fucking true i have to move everything 4 times to get one wall WTF

the beginning
image (1).jpg

anyways , i ran 220 and 110 in the walls and overhead insulated ceiling and walls put up 5/8 sheetrock on ceiling and 1/2" on walls
been taping and mudding past 3 days

picked up some woodworking ,machines
second table saw for dado shaper jointer planer sander band saw



drilling and running wires

image (1).jpg

opened up this wall door was too small to get things trough
idea was to create compressor room but didnt work as it was all open :lmao: im going to create box out of 2" rigid insulation to keep it quiet
image (1).jpg

image (1).jpg

drywall lift :smokin: and insulation
image (1).jpg

image (1).jpg


image (1).jpg
image (1).jpg

one more coat of joint compound and ready for primer

than ill set up the machines and run dust collection
Great FUN! You'll enjoy it once its done. Nice tall space.

Been there, did that. Except I did it one wall at a time so the work took even longer.

All of those duplex outlets should have been quads...:flipoff2:
i finished mudding the walls and painted them. organized the shop some more
nd built the table between two table saws. one saw will be for dado set up and powermatic will be with reg. saw blade
im building another bench that will be my chop saw station with fence and dust collection

still need to get the PVC pipe and figure out how to run the dust collection
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I like that you are busy drywalling the shop when you still haven't put siding on your house :lmao:

:lmao:lol shop need to make money first to pay for the siding :flipoff2:

picked up 6" pipe for main run and 4" for small branches
still have to make few plates for jointer and table saw , add blast gates and done with the dust collection
i used gasketed pipe so i can take it apart in case there's clog

Looking pretty sweet, what do you build?

I do cabinets and cad shop drawings for living, i just got laid off after 13 years working for the same company, so i'll try to work for myself, do the same thing and see how that goes.