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Samurai power steering

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May 25, 2020
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What is the best power steering kit to put tracker power steering on a samurai? I have the pump and gear from the tracker already. Is the wedge style gear mounting or the no wedge way of mounting the gear better? Will the tracker pitman arm work?
I did the petroworks wedge, I have a 16v so I didn't need the full kit. Running the tracker pitman. No complaints.
Toss the pump, they're pretty worthless if you have a decent sized tire, go Toyota Celica or a TC style pump.
Trail Tough, no wedge here. To do it right you will need to ditch the rag joint and get a new u joint. the splined input shaft on the gear box may be a different size.
You may also need a different crank pulley.
A small cooler makes a difference.
It will help, will not eliminate the bump steer, gotta go hydro assist for that.
I don’t want to go full hydro because it’s street driven but it needs help when bouncing through the palmetto roots. It kinda does need some sorta drop pitman arm to level out the drag link. Mainly concerned as to which style of mount is best, wedge or just plate Pros or cons of either. I can build most anything for it but right now it’s super dry here in Fl and that makes it my busiest work season (well digger) and no free time and a bolt on deal is what it needs to be
back in the day i heard people were trying to use electric power steering column off a satern view or something of the sort
Place about an hour from where I’m at supposed to have a whole kit, if he can dig it up. Maybe I’ll have time tomorrow to call and see if he located it
Do people still use the astro van steering box kit like myron sells? Or is that not very popular anymore.
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