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Royal Tiger M1 Carbine


May 20, 2020
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Has anyone got one of the ethiopian carbines from Royal Tiger Imports? The company looks to be a little slimy, but I pulled the trigger on one anyway based on what I read on some other forums. Sounds like they're mostly arsenal rebuilds in good condition with some outliers.

I bought one of the basic $899 ones that are said to be only Inland made. Turns out mine that just shipped out has IBM serial. Maybe not the best deal out there but the surprise factor seems cool. Also my first WW2 weapon. I'll post picks when it arrives.
thats of intrest
my first hunting weapon was a 30 carbine
Fun guns to shoot but i wouldn't want to have to put food on the table with one as they are not very accurate .
I was looking at them. I read the comments of purchasers, a few IBMs. M1 Carbine is on my short list, I need one to go with my IH Garand, but as tempting as it is, I want to look at it before buying it, wasn't willing to gamble.

There's been a slightly overpriced Universal local to me on Armslist for a couple months, I've thought about making an offer on to scratch my M1 Carbine itch, but I want a "real" one.

Which is silly, because I'm content with owning a DSA "FAL" and a PTR "CETME."
Yeah but a DSA FAL is still mostly FAL whereas a Universal is a total crapshoot. The early Universals are mostly surplus parts but asa production went on the surplus parts became less and less. They had shit parts made to build their Carbines.
That is my dad's truck gun for pigs. He usually rides around in one of those stupid jap mini trucks. It fits nicely on the dash. He has stoned a couple pics and a tote at 150-200... it is far from the most accurate thing we have but it is not bad for what it is
Fun guns to shoot but i wouldn't want to have to put food on the table with one as they are not very accurate .

they are plenty accurate if fed the proper ammo.

most commercial ammo is a few hundred FPS short of what they were designed for.
I have ONLY millsurp ammo , granted i only had it out once but was not impressed with the accuracy but still probabley the most
t fun gun i have