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Roxor Crawler Build


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May 26, 2020
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No Roxor sub forum :( So Gen4x4 it is.

Aug. 12, 2018

Just picked it up yesterday, it is the Roxor Classic II. With the classic II you get nothing but aluminum wheels and BFG A/Ts. Should be the perfect platform for our build. The thing is pretty neat and brings out the inner Jeep nerd in me. The plan is to basically base it off the classic CJ/YJ/TJ crawler platform. I've already bent the front bumper and put a nice ding in the oil pan.

Immediate plans:

-Bumpers (fronts already been designed)

-Rock Sliders

-Rear corner armor

-Skid plates

-Shackle lift


-Bigger M/T tires

Future Plans:

-Waggy/Scout Dana 44s for the added width

-35" Trepadors Bias



-Place holder for future use.


Aug. 28, 2018

Bumpers are back from the laser cutter. Few tweaks to make and they'll be ready.


Sept. 5, 2018

Had a great time running the ORV Routes on Drummond Island. Got to use the winch a few times too.







Sept. 24, 2018

Took the family out to the Sand Dunes here. Had to extend the roll bar back over the rear seat to be legal. Factory cage seems to be made from 1.75x.120 tubing. I sleeved it with 1.5"x.250 tube to attach the new part of the cage. Eventually I'll build a whole new cage once I get further into the build.

It was pretty fun out there. Couldn't make it up any of the big hills, definitely needs more power.


Dec. 25, 2018

Making some progress.

Waiting on some parts for the front axle.







Dec. 31, 2018

Holding it's own weight in the front. Switched out the 2.5" YJ leafs for 4" YJ leafs.

Front axle will be coming back out for steering and adding .25" diff guard to the bottom half.

Lot's of work to do still.

Jan. 1, 2019

Getting shocks mounted up. Also modified the bumper to fit back on.

After shock mounts are complete I'll move onto bump stops, then pull the front axle for final welding on brackets and adding some beef to the diff.



Jan. 10, 2019

Front diff guard going on. Made from 1/4" to bring the total thickness to 3/8's in the high impact areas. I don't know why that pad looks angled in the picture, it doesn't in person.

Parts for brakes, steering and rear axle are starting to show up. Front suspension is mostly complete.



Jan. 16, 2019

A lot to do before we hit the road for KOH. A lot of parts in the mail.


Jan. 22, 2019

Rear axle is scheduled to show up today. Just waiting on the orbital valve to show up to be able to finish up the front.

Working on our new DIY front flat fender kit.



Jan. 23, 2019

Rear axle showed up. I'm pretty impressed with it. About $1200 for the axle, shafts, bearing pockets and seals shipped. Trail-gear had it welded and shipped within 3 days.
Hopefully have it mounted in the Roxor tonight or tomorrow night. Will need to get the wheel bearings bored out for the 35 spline shafts.


Jan. 29, 2019

Things to do before Friday in no particular order:

1. Lengthen driveshafts
2. Button up steering hoses and cooler / Fill with fluid
3. Trim Rear fenders
4. Plumb brake lines (fittings should be here today)
5. Assemble rear axle (waiting on breather and drive flanges, should be here tmr)
6. Make engine skid plate
7. Mount rock sliders
8. Mount and wire fog lights
9. Mount and wire rock lights
10. Fill all fluids (Steering, brakes and axles)

Tires are back on to figure out trimming.



Feb. 10, 2019

We had an awesome time at KOH. Got the Roxor "finished" enough to drag it across the country with zero testing.

Other than a few issues, it did great and moved our butts around the desert all week.


- Front axle is leaking diff fluid from the passenger. Must have damaged the cheap summit seal when installing the shafts.

- All four tires rub really bad. It was expected though, since I ran out of time for bump stops. Ended up trimming the rear fenders a little more on the lake bed.

- Steering is super slow at low rpm. Going to look into swapping the pulley or the whole pump.

- Mile marker hub on the pass. side kept unlocking for some reason. Will upgrade to chromo outters and flanges.

- Brakes are super soft. Have to look into a booster upgrade.

Still need to finish up the rock sliders and rear corner armor.

Looking into a 1" body lift to allow me to raise the trans and tcase to help with building a flatish belly skid. Also need to get beadlocks as we burped all the air out of one tire on the trail.










Haven't done much with the Roxor other than use it around the house.

I did add Ruff Stuff pinion guards and Yukon drive flanges up front.


Also took it out to the mounds for a quick trip. Didn't take many pictures. Had a great time on the rocks and exploring all the trails. Been a long time since I've been there. The rocks have really gotten grown over. Next up is the Detroit 4 Fest this weekend.


I had 12 days off for the holidays and decided to use 11 of them swapping the suspension of the roxor over to a Radius arm front and 3 link rear. On day 12 we took it to the Mounds to test it out.



Since time was limited with only 11 days, I decided to start with a TJ Long arm system from Rough Country. I also took very limited photos, but will get more of the finished product after a wash.

Why Rough Country?
We are a dealer for them and I'm able to get their parts for a good price and almost next day delivery. Ideally I was only after the frame mounts but figured I can reuse their control arms for now and save some time and money there. Generally I was pretty impressed with everything I got and most of the boxes said "Made in US" on them. We'll run the control arms for now and upgrade to 2" DOM and heims later.

Next I ordered Artec Shock towers, lower control arm mounts, one upper mount and lower track bar brackets, along with 4 FOX 2.0x12 air shocks.

Here are the limited pictures that I took during the build.

The rear shock towers are tied into the cage and the fronts are tied together.




Overall I'm pretty happy with it. We crawled over everything we could find. Stayed out of the big rocks until I get some rock sliders. I need to add some more nitrogen to the shocks and raise it up a smidge. Also, if you know most TJ long arm kits share the same pivot point for the frame side rear control arms. Not ideal, but didn't have the energy to change it in this short time. I really didn't feel much negative effects from it until climbing a ledge. You could feel the rear end trying to lift the body instead of climbing the ledge. That's an easy fix with a new upper mount though. Will get rid of the radius arm up front in favor of a true 3-link when I build new links.
Had fun out at Rocks and Valleys a couple weekends ago. Need more horsepower for sure.

Coming up for the next trip:

Rock sliders
Bead locks
Hydraulic hand brake for rear axle
New upper link mounts for front and rear suspension
cage mods

Needs more mouse power under the hood. Maybe later this year.







Roxor on the Rocks - YouTube

Roxor on the Wall - YouTube
Got the beadlocks finished up. 32 stainless 3/8 bolts.


Also cut out and welded up a new upper link mount for the rear. Raises the frame side mount quite a bit. It's all installed now and feels a lot better around the yard, so far. Should be a good improvement.

Had a bunch of fun up at Drummond Island. Still working on other vids and pics. But here's a quick video at Turtle Ridge.

Roxor did great all weekend. But the powersteering pump is about dead (squeaking in the vid). Looking at upgrades now.

Subbed, this thing is cool! What are your plans for more power?

Just put the Diesel Freak Stage 1 tune on it. I'll upgrade to the Stage 2 once I save some pennies for a HD clutch.
Nothing that I know of. I'd love to swap in a D300 or something that would give me the ability for front dig.

Isnt it based off the d18/d20? I would think a front dig would be possible in stock form.

Possibly bronco gears as well? 2.46 vs 2.0
Isnt it based off the d18/d20? I would think a front dig would be possible in stock form.

Possibly bronco gears as well? 2.46 vs 2.0

Dana 18 I believe. It's been a minute since I've looked into it, however I believe it already has 2.4:1 lowrange. As for twin stick I believe one stick engages/disengages the front output and the other determines H, N or L. So best you could get would be 2 - low with the rear axle.
Truck load of parts coming to support these. 😎


Wheels showed up. Just waiting for the Inner Air locks now.

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