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Reservoir endcap rebuild.


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May 19, 2020
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How to quickly remove a reservoir endcap. I figured one of my Internet friends asked, so I would show you all.
I was just asked in a text what is wrong with two O-rings, and I thought I would post it here.

when you put two O-rings next to each other, you have a static volume. As Temperature rises, the pressure between the two O-rings will increase. If the shock got too hot both O-rings would fail leaving you with no seal. It is more likely to blow an O-ring when you have two then if you have one. If they really wanted to lips they should’ve used a quad ring.
Thanks for the parts. I have a sample Fox 2.5 coil over and bypass, But they are loaned out and I cannot show parts off of them right now.

Glad to be rid of them. :laughing:

Thanks for directing me to the Poly Performance shock tools page...... That one cost me some money. :flipoff2:
First time I did that I blew the end cap across the garage. My first set of coil overs were FOA's so I had a lot of practice taking them apart.
I got a buddy who found out the hard way he needs limit straps. The upper stud pulled from the end cap on his icons. Can these be replaced?

I cannot tell from your photo if that is aluminum or steel. If it is steel I would be tempted to weld the stud back in with a tig. Let the pressure out of the shock and go slow and cool it often. Otherwise shocks can go boom when welded on.

Depending on the brand of a shock he might be able to get a whole new top cap and replace it.
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Played with this same shock today. Trying to teach Terina to use the hammer with anger.

Figured out the most likely reason its bent.
Was there no wear band on the piston? Or did you take that off before the close-up of all the chips/garbage?
Because of the way the piston was held in the vise upside down, the wear band fell off when we took the piston out of the vise.

it was trapped between the piston and the leg of the table when it was in the vice.