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May 20, 2020
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Pocono Mtns PA
I have had multiple threads (All but one was abandoned unfinished) on that other website, and I've been in a bit of a funk these past few years so I'm starting this thread as motivation.

>reserved for backstory<

I started with this 1991 YJ that I traded an Atlas for...
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The original plan was leafs rear, long arms front, tons, NP435, D300, 4.2 Straight 6,...

Currently I have a healthy GT-40p Ford 302 with some port and bowl work, a mild cam, and fuel injection. That's delivering power to a Ranger Overdrive in front of the aforementioned NP435, and (Currently) a flipped D300.

I am still running tons (narrowed 90ish HP60 front, and narrowed LP E350 D60 rear. Both 35 spline, 4.88's Spool Front, Spartan Rear rolling on H2s and 35" Treps.

14" fox 2.0's / 4 link rear/ 3link front, retained the steering box but the front of the frame is custom. PSC box, pump, assist cylinder.

Drew up some motor mount brackets in CAD, and cut them out for mock up.

Drew up some PS pump brackets in CAD, and cut them out for mock up.


Sent them to a friend who has done me MANY favors with cutting parts! Thanks a ton Pete!

Power steering Pump mocked up...



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So after many years... the engine is installed... the front frame is modified, and I'm brain fucking the transmission crossmember/ how to back half the chassis.

UCA clearance/ cut the frame off...

fully assembled engine

Engine Mounts...
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Sorry, this stuff is horribly out of order, but I just want to get the highlights here and move forward...

I had this idea for a skidplate/ bumper/ front frame system.
Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	389.7 KB ID:	1949
Installed the engine...

And mocked up the hood and grill from my first jeep... which I had, because reasons.
Then it basically sat because I was busy... from roughly July of 2017 until September of 2019, when I got a bug up my ass and decided to work on it a bit.

The track bar needed to occupy the same space as some of the steering linkage/ axle, so... I cut and sectioned a ruffstuff link bracket, and frenched it into the frame rail.

In November of 2019 I decided I couldn't wait anymore, and tore into the long needed revision to my garage/ shed/ workspace.
The previous owner had built the shed with a 1/12 pitch, and frankly I'm surprised it held up as long as it did.
Long story short, I tore that off, installed a header to support the steeper roof rafters, and opened up the shed/ garage wall to allow better work flow.
The garage is still small, and cramped, and I have way too much shit, but it's something to keep the rain off the mice.
It is also a glorious mishmash of repurposed shit that I have acquired... like the used garage door from my neighbor...



More recently...

With new (used) door...

The best part (for me) has been the improved lighting/ storage/ room to move.
The glass from the neighbor's garage door is now a window...


And the new larger opening that is vastly better than the 32" wide man door that was there before.

Wow... Just realized I have been extremely lax in updating this.
2020 was a blur... Probably due in part to my ADD....
This is actually based on my first jeep ever, and I may cover it in this thread, but I may create a separate thread.
Anyway, this is "S'Crappy"
YJ chassis and 14bolt/ D44
View attachment 377426

Installed a 4.3/ SM465/ xxxx t-case, and the tub from my first CJ
View attachment 377427

Bought some headers...
View attachment 377428

Made some engine mounts...
View attachment 377429
And then summer happened.... and fall.... and construction.

This "Garage" is small. And oddly built, so... hey, I'm a carpenter. (not really)
View attachment 377430
Before (note disrepair, and existing improved front shop section)
View attachment 377431

The week of Thanksgiving was busy. Working around the weather and the holiday, my wife and I tore off the roof, raised the walls so the front pitch would match the rear, and reassembled... View attachment 377432 View attachment 377436

Then we stuffed the S'Crappy jeep under the new roof for winter. View attachment 377433

My Daughter was thrilled to help, until she discovered that there were no brakes... LOL
View attachment 377434

Just fits.
View attachment 377435

Then winter happened...
A brief update.

A few months back I HAD to make this thing move- so I attacked.

Installed the upper control arm brackets-
Scabbed in some temporary lowers
And rolled it outside for the first time in FAR too long.
I feel your pain on the one car shop and I like how the addition came out. If the price of lumber ever comes back down I want to do the same thing on mine.
The progression looks great I hope you can keep the motivation levels up.:grinpimp:
Completely unrelated to this build, but amusing nonetheless...

I moved my wife's XJ for the first time in a few weeks, and as I was closing the door and walking away this caught my attention.

(The frog was/ is fine- not pinched in the door. It was well enough to pee all over me when I moved him into our garden! Bastard!)

So... back on this for the moment.

Picked up some basically new 37s for it last spring.


Current plan is to MAKE IT RUN - doesn't have to be perfect.

So... KISS... EFI came off. 2bbl carb goes on.

Got the intake and carb installed, ordered the distributor, coil, harness, etc.


installed all the hoses and filled it with coolant. No leaks.


Last night I burned in the shock mounts.


This is with 5ish inches of shaft on the shocks.
I'll be trimming the hood shortly, and building fenders.

Exhaust is done-ish.

MIG welding thin (and apparently shit tier) stainless elbows had me hotter than the weld puddle.



There's a y-collector under the PS footwell, connecting to a 3" chineseium amazon stainless muffler.


Need to route the exhaust rear of the skid but it'll do for the moment.
Radiator is "fully" mounted- plus I incorporated a mounting tab for my PSC ressy in the radiator support. All tucked in nice and tidy.


Hard to see it in these pics, but there will be a short run nearly directly from the outlet of the reservoir to the inlet of the pump....


Hopefully the engine doesn't move too much. Hmm... I may need to think on that a bit.
Sitting on the springs.

Starting at 200/300. I have 5.5" shaft showing with the preload adjuster nearly all the way up the shock body. This is all very basic just to get it supported so I can tackle the back.

Hard to see it in these pics, but there will be a short run nearly directly from the outlet of the reservoir to the inlet of the pump....

Hopefully the engine doesn't move too much. Hmm... I may need to think on that a bit.

Make a tab for the resi directly on the engine. let it move with the engine vs it being on the chassis.
Make a tab for the resi directly on the engine. let it move with the engine vs it being on the chassis.
It may come to that, but currently there's enough hose to allow movement.

And finding an appropriate position that doesn't interfere with anything else is proving... difficult/ trending toward impossible.