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Race Relations and Decades of Narratives to overcome


Jul 8, 2009
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Gatesville, TX

some article about why people in detroit didn't want trees, this is the interesting part and it is a common narrative, repeated in many places. there was an article not terribly long ago that made a similar reference to comptom CA. something about how "every black person there believed white people only came through to gawk at them like zoo animals"

A couple of African-American women Carmichael talked to linked the tree-planting program to a painful racist moment in Detroit’s history, right after the 1967 race rebellion, when the city suddenly began cutting down elm trees in bulk in their neighborhoods. The city did this, as the women understood it, so that law enforcement and intelligence agents could better surveil their neighborhoods from helicopters and other high places after the urban uprising.

contrast that story on why trees were cut down with the official narrative

The city was chopping down trees at a faster clip at this time. And the city was flying helicopters over their homes at one point—to spray toxic DDT from above on the trees. However, the government’s stated reason for the mass tree-choppings was that the trees were dying off from the Dutch elm disease then spreading across the country. These were competing heritage narratives of the same event—the clearing away of trees in the 1960s.

and the end result was ~25% of people said "fawk awph" with your free tree program.

until those people are dead and until people present counter-narratives, that group of people won't get out of their mental chains.

it's just an interesting phenomena
Well, when the emerald ash bore decimated the ash tree population a few years ago, they didn't go around cutting all the ash trees to stop the spread. :flipoff2:
Well, when the emerald ash bore decimated the ash tree population a few years ago, they didn't go around cutting all the ash trees to stop the spread. :flipoff2:

look, i'm not saying the government didn't do it just to increase surveillance efforts on communities of color, but here we are 50 years later and those same people are still voting for deep blue big city oppression while trying to claim deep mistrust of that same apparatus.

they should be ripe for small government pickings, how do we help them capture that?
Winnipeg has been culling swaths of Dutch Elm trees since the 80s. It never occurred to me that it was the government secretly infiltrating our black neighborhoods to spy on them.

Oh wait! Winnipeg doesn't have any black neighborhoods.

In fact, most of the neighborhoods with the Dutch Elm trees are full of granola-munching Liberals. Hmmmm.....
Everything is racist. As soon as that word is used, I start ignoring the rest of the story.

and if you'd been told that, for 50 or 60 years, what would it take to get you out from under that?

I know many people who have gotten out from under it after forced experiences, such as the military or colleges in different states.
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