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The Freeak

May 20, 2020
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Pocono Mtns PA
Any of you have experience with these critters?

Specifically, I'm curious if their temperament as a puppy (6 months) will carry through to adulthood.

We have an opportunity to adopt a rescue, but I have no knowledge of this breed's traits.
Most dogs are difficult until about 1 year or so. Maybe 2 for high energy dogs like labs. I have a Catahoula that is about 7 now and is super sweet and mellow. Great dog.
A good buddy of mine has had 4 through the years. Always seemed to take some extra patience with training as a puppy, but by adult hood they were all well behaved and chill dogs.
Interesting- this fellow is supposedly a Australian Shepherd/ Catahoula mix, but judging from his coat (coarse) I'm guessing more Australian Cattle Dog.
He's 6 months, and is extremely calm. Unnaturally so IMO. It's entirely possible his temperament will change as he gets used to his foster home/ gains strength (he has had a hard week- traveled from a shelter in TX to PA, neutered, and now a new temporary home), but I've never seen a 6MO puppy that was so relaxed.
The extra patience with training I mentioned had more to do with stubbornness than wild, high energy behavior.
Thanks for the insight.

For those of you with Catahoulas, do they have a distinct "dog" smell? Is their coat coarse?
I don't remember anything different about the smell with mine. Every puppy I have had was odoriffic, but I usually assume that is due to the high protein puppy food they eat.

Mine doesn't have coarse hair, but you describe a mutt, so who knows what characteristics were genetically selected from the two parents.
i dont think chtulu will make a good pet...


My old dog was a labahoula. As a puppy he was unbelievably chill and stayed that way. At 2 years old people thought he was 12. I could go on and on how badass he was.

He passed away last summer from cancer, I refuse to get another dog. My fiance has a pure bred black lab with papers, way too spastic for my taste.
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My aunt liked catahoula dogs. The first couple were super chill and great cow dogs. One was always going 100 miles and hour though and didn't really ever outgrow it. They are a cow dog so they will tend to here things without even realizing it though and they like exercise.
...I'm guessing more Australian Cattle Dog.

I took in a 7 yr old girl, sweetest dog ever. Was very calm but did bark when strangers were on property. Very high energy drive, walkies for 3 hrs in woods common.

The bad part was that a squirrel or varmint would trigger Eve's hunting drive & had to teach not to cross highways. In public, she had to be on a leash but at home on the range, no problemo-
growing up we had labs, once on my own ive always had bully breeds.

awhile back, a 9mo catahoula was basically left at our house. it had worms and something else i dont remember. once the vet got him fixed up, that dog was the easiest most trainable and best dog i have ever had. when we would have some one dog sit, they wouldn't want to give him back. super loyal, and protective. would like to find another puppy one someday
We have a Catahoula/heeler mix named Jake. We rescued him when he was around 2 years old so I cannot comment during to the puppy years, but he is 16 now and has been the best dog I have ever had. He has such a chill demeanor. Anyhow, now he does have a large benign tumor on his front left leg so he hobbles a bit but he still runs and gets after the younger dogs. I do think his mind is starting to go as I'll catch him just standing in random places staring into space. I ask him if he doing a Joe Biden impression.


My next dog will be a catahoula.

My current dog, who I *thought* was a catahoula, is in fact some sort of Great Dane mutt....And he's pretty cool.

If your foster has been in your house for a week, I would give him a little more time. It's still all new to him. After a month, then maybe be concerned.
This is Puck. The great Mutt-ahoula. His mom is full blood, his dad is a mystery. He's a super chill dog, smart, and a good listener, Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1317.JPG Views:	0 Size:	373.1 KB ID:	26922 although he uses his teeth for EVERYTHING. If he wants something he gently take your arm and direct you. He's an odd fella, but that may be as much us as him. He wasn't very hard to train, although I'm used to Scottish terriers.
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Also, I have a six year old son that would tell you Puck is his dog. We got Puck when he was eight weeks old and they've been pals ever since. Puck is super gentle with him, and listens to his little six year old commands very well.
Agreed, ours is super chill with kids. We had him before our daughter (now 10) and he was so gentle around her and her friends. Not an ounce of aggression. Now put my wife in the backyard and a opossum is there.. he calmly came up and killed it. Not fake dead, real dead. Still protective of the fam. He is my wifes dog 100%, so when he passes I hope she replaces him with a similar dog.
Thank you for all the feedback guys! I really appreciate the insight.

This is the dog in question Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200602_201859_01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	390.0 KB ID:	27030

He's not very big at 6 months... maybe 35 pounds?

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We need to make a decision. Our daughter LOVES him, and he's very sweet to her.
My wife and I just started working from home, and will do so for a while, but we aren't sure how long that will last.
My biggest concern is whether its "fair" to crate a dog for 8 hours a day while/ when/ if we return to work.
This (the adoption opportunity) was completely unexpected.

I feel like Mo and the Pony.

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You don't have to crate the dog - IDK what your situation is, so I don't judge. I know my dog will hold his piss for 16 hours though :eek: (road trip)
Crating it good, imo, if you need to or not. Done right the dog will come to take the crate as theirs. Hell my 12 yo dog will still go in the crate when she wants to chill.

From what I know of that breed, they will need exercise. Pretty sure you got that covered. ANY dog is a good dog if properly trained. That or I have just had anomalies of dogs for my entire life.
I think my dog is at least part Catahoula, we got him from a rescue. He is a great dog, loves everybody. He was a little destructive as a puppy but that went away quickly. He also defends his territory fiercely from everything, which I guess is a Catahoula trait.


Crating it good, imo, if you need to or not. Done right the dog will come to take the crate as theirs. Hell my 12 yo dog will still go in the crate when she wants to chill.

From what I know of that breed, they will need exercise. Pretty sure you got that covered. ANY dog is a good dog if properly trained. That or I have just had anomalies of dogs for my entire life.

My Scout loves her crate. She will just sit and chill in it with the door open. The door to it probably hasn't been closed since Dec. of 2018.
I'm not down on crating - my current dog (while not using the crate anymore) spent about 4 years in a crate. He still sleeps on the little pad, just moves it around to whatever area he wants to lay down on :laughing:.

Now that he's mature (6 years old) he doesn't need a crate - just hangs out and waits. We originally started with the crate as a means for house training him. Secondary benefit was the ability to have things intact when I came home :laughing: