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Preparing the fields at our farm to plant and putting in some food plots


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May 20, 2020
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It’s been at least 20 years since it’s been farmed. The fields were planted in Missouri native grass called Indian grass. It grows in pods and around 4 to 5’ tall. The last ten or so years a lot of it has been neglected and Mother Nature is taking it back.

some fields aren’t in too bad of shape but others are turning into woods.

We can’t just brush hog off the trees as we have to remove the stumps out of the ground. The fella that is leasing the fields to plant is helping me clear them when he has time and I do as much as I can when I can. We’re not going to get all the fields in shape for planting this year but they’ll be all ready for next year.

we did a burn earlier this year but it didn’t do very well in the thick fields. It was a bit wet at the time and it’s been raining like crazy a good chunk of this year so far. We’re supposed to get more rain this week too.

I managed to get in 7 food plots up on the hill and buddy and I hunt on. Planted clover and beans. We finished up the beans yesterday and then I went to plucking trees out of the fields.





very sweet.
i did that with our fields. bought the property last year.
field has not never been farmed, just cut.
had not been cut in 4 years.
brush hogged it.
plowed it.
disc it 4 times.
planting corn and sunflowers this year, and will do winter oats in the fall.
Nicely done. We will be planting wildlife plots next weekend. Biologic Whistleback and Alfalfa. Sugar beets the 1st of August.