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Blame Canada
May 1, 2020
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St.Louis, MO
By default, you're a Numbskull. :flipoff2:

There are 3 Premium Memberships that you can choose from. See the Subscriptions page for a comparison chart.

In a nutshell:
  1. Yellow Skulls - Vendors
    1. If you want to sell something, run ads or do marketing giveaways you need to be a vendor.
    2. I really want to focus on supporting the small business-person.
      1. So they get ad space in the header of the page which is seen by everybody.
      2. I'm setting up an Amazon style store on here for those that don't sell online. You'll have the option to sell your items in the store to help with your web presence. (This is at leasts a month out)
    3. Big business are welcome as well, you can still post in the Vendors section.
    4. Please PM me before you sign up as a vendor.
  2. Red Skulls - Basic paid membership
    • Member with more posting options and storage space. See the Subscriptions page for a comparison chart.
    • Ads - When the time comes you'll only see ads supporting our vendors at the top of the page and Blue Skull member's Ads on THEIR pages. Everywhere else will be ad free.
  3. Blue Skulls - Contributor with ads
    • This is for those major contributors out there.
    • Similar to a Red Skull, but we'll put your advertising account on your posts. This means ad money directly to your pocket.
    • Access to the Marketing Thread to help with your efforts.

A little more on the Blue Skulls:
The best thing about Pirate was the tech. Even randos off the web who dare not join PBB because of their thin skin appreciated it. We can argue till we're blue in the skull (had to lol) as to why forums have declined in popularity. I believe they are really going to come back. The Blue Star option is to encourage those types that love doing detailed product reviews, big build threads, reports on land use issues, etc etc to keep that shit rolling in. We're going to get Blue Stars set up with their own Google Adsense accounts (this lets google put ads on your website, ad you get paid for it) and tie that account to their pages. I understand it's time consuming to do such write ups, you should be rewarded for it and not me or some big syrup sucking media corporation. This will take more time to help you initially set up so there is a higher membership fee, any other profit you get from Google As goes directly to your pocket. irate4x4 wont see a dime of it. Think about your 10yr old build or how-to posts still sitting collecting ad revenue.

Now having said that... a few other points:
  • we're not building a whored out ad site here.
    • Your ads will be minimal and tastefully placed in pre-configured locations on your pages.
    • Non members will see a few more ads than registered members but all memberships, including the premium ones, will see a couple.
    • If you're not familiar with Adsense, you get more $ when people click the ads on your page. I'm hoping people understand and appreciate your contributions enough to click your ads simply as a 'like' or 'thank you' for your efforts. If not ... maybe your writing sucks :flipoff2:
  • Blue Skull ads will not appear on forum posts, again not looking to clutter this place up.
  • There is not much of a point to sign up as a Blue Star as of today.
    • The site has little to no SEO traction at the moment. Save your $, start writing and we'll see where this site takes us before you decide to pull the trigger on that membership.
    • I'm not ready to help you get that set up. I've tested it and it works, but with this just launching I have an email and PM box full of questions/suggestions etc etc. Give it time to calm down. If you're interested in doing it, PM me, and I'll get back to you.
    • If you simply want others to see your intensions then by all means register for it now, but again, I can't help you set up Adsense right away.

So .... questions?