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Prarie dog hunting?


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May 20, 2020
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Central Iowa
Anyone do this? have private land to hunt on?

We lost out private land, looking for some again. Public lands are kind of boring.
Be helpful if we knew where you were.
Just went here last month (Az,) was the best time out fourr times I've done it. Went thru 500-600 rounds n 2 days .17 Hornet & .22-250. Had a blast, good company. But I've never known any different, though I here stories of other places that have dogs the size cats.
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Thank Youent here last month
just public land, found some stuff around the Badlands in Sodak but it's hit and miss and alot of hunting for good spots. Done private a few times but nothing consistent.
A few years back we had some business acquaintances that got me started on it. It was their contacts so I was just along for the ride.

They had a couple farmers that he would call a couple times a year, send Christmas gifts to. I think now a lot of these land owners have figured out it is a way to make money and lease it, like a lot of hunting land where I live.

These land owners were happy to see us. We would stop at the house, the owner would drive us out and say, I want you to work on this hill here. They often would have moved equipment or cattle just before we came.

We would set up a table and chairs. Shoot and drink all day, sometimes there are so many one day wasn't enough in one spot. They populate so fast it is hard to keep up.

Shot lots of different guns. 22-250 was one of the most common. easy to shoot. Cheap. Shot a lot of 223. Then like the second or third year the .17 hmr came out and we all went and bought one. I know one trip we had gone through over 5000 rounds with the 3 of us and that was just that caliber. Had to keep swapping guns because barrels were getting too hot.

Shoot momma and pups run out to see what is wrong with mom, pick them off. Coyotes after a few hours start getting friendly once they figure out you are not shooting at them. We shot them last just before we left.

I would love to find some land like that and take my two boys on a yearly trip.

The guys that I know doing public land say often they will go, walk for a day or two and see like 3 dogs. I am not driving that far for that.
We got a buddy whose family has a huge ranch in central CA. There is one area we named 'the killing field', you set up on a ridge overlooking this grassy field and can pick them off all day with 22lr, shots are 75 to 125 yards. Any of the centerfire rounds spooks them back into their holes and they dont come out for at least an hour. Buddy has a 17hmr that shoots like a laser, now that is a fun round to pop em with!

The ground is all tore up, holes everywhere, they had to keep the cattle out of the area until they could get a dozer out to fill in all the holes. We have shot so many of those things but it hardly seems to put much of a dent in the population there
Anybody in eastern Montana that has them will let you on. Bad part is you basically have to drive door to door and ask.

I've seen some towns that were a few miles wide and 10 miles long.

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