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May 19, 2020
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Let's see that leaky British metal...

My Series III 109, RRC, and my former D1:
Have more pics of it somewhere, first Rover 1 owned on the last day I owned it.
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$600 D2, drove it for 2 years and sold it for $200 to the junkyard when the head gaskets blew for the 3rd time. :flipoff2:
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Wife’s RRSC finding a parking spot at a football game.
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Current LR3, also have a 95 RRC LWB project, but no pics of it apparently. I’ll try to fix all my fucked up posts with small pics and combine it to one later.
The daily driver:

My Classic posing with it's future axles:

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I currently have two, although they are Disco 2's numbers 2 and 3 for me (and landy #4, I had a Series IIa many years ago)... I have the D2 illness... although that illness is probably something very much like Stockholm Syndrome...

My first one was a red TD5 diesel which I sold after owning for quite a few years and over 100,000km, my new red one is a V8 and all I can say is it has about the same power for about 5 times the fuel costs. Sure, it sounds better but fuel here (in pre-covid19 days) was like $2.50 per litre or something like that, and with an 80-odd litre tank I just couldn't bring myself to drive it that much... so now its a pseudo-tractor and parts donor.


My daily driver / toy (and secondary pseudo tractor) is a 5-speed TD5 diesel facelift with a remapped engine... its a lot of fun to drive on- and off-road, but after driving this a lot with heavy loads I do wish it was an auto because the TD5 engine is pretty lacklustre below about 1800RPM so taking off with heavy loads or in boggy ground or sand requires a lot of clutch feathering - I've read a few threads on using the V8 auto on a TD5 and will probably go that way eventually since I have one sitting in the red truck - but that means I need to also find and fit a TD5 auto ECU - so I'll loose my remap... so I may just sell it and get Landy #5 :)

My Disco I camping bus. 300tdi auto, 33s, twin Air Leakers, custom barwork, plus the usual guard cut etc. etc.


Can't seem to find any good recent pictures wheeling... just means I need to get out more!

An older one though:
Love the soft top D1 :)

We had one that color from new ('94) until it was replaced by the silly Aussie thing that showed up a couple of years ago....

Copy of 18keithmoreair.jpg

Hi all, first post, glad to see some Landies showing up!
A couple of recent pictures of my Rangie and my Dads Disco.


2020-06-05 13_24_03-Photo - Google Photos.png

Keep 'em coming!

SCSL That soft top Disco is sick! Any details?
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SCSL That soft top Disco is sick! Any details?

Thanks. She's on 37" bias Treps, 17" KMC Machete Crawl beadlocks. ARBs front & rear, pegged, with GBR 443 gears. Original SG 4" progressive rate springs with dead coils, Fox adjustable remote res shocks. The armor and skids are all original SG. Bracketry is mostly old school Rovertym but with Expedition Exchange rear pancake retainers. 8-point roll cage and the soft top are both custom jobs. Hard Labor Creek drag link. Tie rod is original RTE. Terra Firma castor corrected front radius arms. Ashcroft CVs/shafts. Tom Woods drive shafts. Oh... and an old CJ rear seat in the back. Probably a few things I'm forgetting. :cool:
My 95 Disco. It was perfectly straight when I got it. Now it does not have a straight panel on it. I wheeled it for about 8 years and beat on it a lot. All my friends got bigger rigs and I was tired of breaking rear axle parts every time so I parked it for now and have a TJ on tons instead. I plan on cutting the body off and leaving the dash and part of the floorpan and building a buggy out of it. I want to put it on Toyota axles and 35s to make a lightweight nimble buggy but I have a spare set of tons and 40s I could put under it too. Idk what I will do.

I'll play. 1993 D1, 200TDi 3 door manual. Not a common car at all and in quite good condition apart from the black wheels and some now completed rust repair. Mechanically standard. I owned a 1991 Range Rover 20 years ago and more recently a 2013 D110, which didn't feel like a land rover product at all, really. The D1 feels perfect - lazy ride, long throttle travel, nimble, light footed, and super comfortable.
Nice fleet! I'd love a 4BD1T Rangie, but I feel like it would be getting a bit heavy on the front axle?

They end up with 50/50 weight distribution empty. But I don't have a winch or anything super-heavy hanging on the front. 1170kg each end with a full tank and empty car.
My Disco 1 in it's natural habitat (hurting feelings?). This time it ran out of gas on the way to Mammoth Mountain with 1/2 tank of fuel (according to the gauge). The previous breakdown was an electrical fire that occurred when the battery slid into the radiator and shorted out catching many chicken shit wires on fire at the battery on fire and then the under hood insulation. The electrical fire was the first week after purchasing the truck and before I discovered the previous owner had discarded the battery hold down. All fixed now.

I still love the rig so far. I have only had it a few months but in that time I installed 4.43 GBR gears, ARB front and Detroit Truetrack out back, 33" Patagonia MT tires, sleeved the tie rod and drag link, much wiring improvement, and changed lots of seals/bushings.

My 110 DC thats been through a variety of upgrades but is about to have a M57 & 8Hp auto stuffed into it


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This is Ol' Blue. Out of several NAS 90's, an exMOD 110, a bunch of series rigs and 3 D2s that were driven to their demise this is the only Rover i have kept for a long time. I built it from a bunch of parts in 2000. I got hit head on by an Audi quattro and totalled in 2006 requiring another complete home build.

He recently got this SW roof and new 35" sx2 swampers. Had van sides prior. Has Safari Gard 3 link, Aschcroft underdrive, gbr rear axles, Longfield 27 spline fronts, arb rear, truetrac front, 300tdi.

116:1 crawl ratio and will cruise comfortably at 70mph on the highway.

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