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May 19, 2020
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Looking to buy a track hoe/CTL/ farm tractor with loader. Found this dealer. https://www.greentractorsales.com/ They have good prices on some interesting machines. Looking at the machine in person is a challenge. I am in love with the Case CX210 and the Doosan DX140 LCR-3 ,JD 6420 with loader too.
What are you trying to do with the machines?

Why a Doosan? They still have a pretty poor reliability reputation. As far as operating, I've ran a 2xx and it was fine, but really all excavators run fine, that's not the biggest factor when you own it.

A 210 is a fair amount larger than a 140. Roughly 44k lbs vs 33k lbs. The 140 can be hauled behind a dump truck no problem, where the 210 will most likely require a low bed.

Also curious why you'd want a skid steer and a tractor with a loader.
Have been grubbing trees with a small dozer. Thinking a track hoe would be a better machine for that. Want to dig some creek rock and load on a dump truck. Machines may never leave property.
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