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Pics of Evo 4Dr Rear Corners on a 2Dr


Jun 19, 2020
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Title says it all. Does anyone have any pictures of how bad it looks to put a 4 door corner on a 2 door, with wheel well opening in the OEM location (as in not a comp cut stretch or anything)? The only difference is it doesn't extend beyond the top front of the fender down along the door line.

Otherwise, seems nobody makes a good 2-door aluminum corner other than TNT Customs and I'm not paying $1200 for two sheets of bent aluminum.
Not sure who makes them in aluminum, but if you were to buy just the smaller (cheaper) version of a corner guard, you can weld on what ever you want to the front because it's all flat.

This is all you really need. This is just a pic of the Poison Spyder ones for reference.

And those are actually made by AEV as builder corners and poison spider adds their logo and charges you a bunch more. The AEV are the best fitting corners out there since they follow the compound curves of the JK body by using a press. They are only 1/8" thick though because they are pressed.
The 4dr trail corners above are not shipping until 8/21. I've had a pair on order since April. I just planned on cutting off the section with the spider.
Good to see thedirtman here. The second I get my hands on them, I'll hold them up against a 2dr and take a photo.
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Probably not at all what you are looking for, but maybe it could give you some ideas?
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