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Phat kitty, the wife's big rim street brawler

Put together a new radiator support. This was a nessisity to tilt the top of radiator forward and tuck the ac condenser. With the bumper tucked back slightly there is 6" for the A2A charge cooler. 8 lbs. Off the front end as well. Even though the car will be a heavy pig. Not shown are the factory front frame stiffeners that I cut shorter and bolted to the front frame gussets at the 1st cross member.


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Shortened factory front frame stiffeners. Tied into the 1st cross member . everything in front of this is this wall 1" tube. It will just hold up the front bumper.

I also did the final fitup of the cooling pack. Everything is sealed up to help push the air through.



Whew! I love it when ride height is on the money. There a slight gap between the top of the tires and the wheel lip I expect it to settle another 1/2-3/4". There is plenty of room up front for a 285mm tire with a wider wheel.

I do think the front wheels should be pushed out another inch maybe 3/4". That will call for new control arms as I refuse to use spacers.
Fuck yes! She sitting real pretty.

Spent a summer in one of those cruising around tired engine under the hood but we talked about what we would do lol. friends dad had one when his dad passed out drunk we got the keys. :smokin:
Is this going to be a Sceep type build? :laughing::laughing::flipoff2:

Lol. Nah.
Fuck yes! She sitting real pretty.

Spent a summer in one of those cruising around tired engine under the hood but my talked about what we would do lol. friends dad had one when his dad passed out drunk we got the keys. :smokin:
Thanks , your summer sounds like it was great times brother. I'm hoping the car rides smooth when done with regular shocks.
More under car repurposed stuff. Spal fan and twin 40k coolers. This will sit almost horizontal under the spare tire well.

There will be a liquid cooler next to the transmission from a Cummins truck as well.

Lots of nickel and dime to go.


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Is the body/exterior going to stay jalopy-looking sleeper-mode, or you going to have a pimp/badass finish?

It's coming along nicely.:smokin::beer:i
It's going a light green body and either silver or white on the roof and pillars with a lace pattern pearl or metallic. We will know for sure once paint gets closer.
I've been futzing around on the transmission cooling pack. Twin 40k coolers, 12" spal fan, nomex rock deflectors, and an old troffer from the scrap pile. I still have to complete the mounting and secure the cooler mounting tabs. It will sit horizontal behind the axle under the spare tire.
I had to take some time to dig dem guts out! Time to treat the remaining rust in the window pinch welds, ceiling. Then insulate and start the wiring. I hope to get my hands on an optic amor flush mount windshield so I don't have to rework the A pillars to eliminate the trim. The rest of the glass will be reused.
Kudos to the folks at POR15. It helped keep the floor from rotting away. This is 7 years later and after cleaning iit with a knotted wire wheel it helped keep the rust from getting any worse.

A new floorpan, steel flat hood and one fender is on the way. I still have to source a repop drivers fender.

Going in after the floor will be some water based rust converter. one layer of fat mat on all the interior , followed by a later of butyl/closed cell foam/ foil faced insulation, the another layer of sound dampening.

After that I should have everything to start laying down the wiring and 12v electrics. All of the original wiring is on the floor and going into the trash. Everything going in will be new. A few ato fuse blocks from Del city, a PDM from Race Wire Solutions, Holley dominator, Dakota digital HDX gauges, new power window relays and all new harnesses for under the hood. I plan on using as much weather pack stuff as I can because I'm comfy working with them.

I'm going for a clean stockish interior that looks like we just changed the seats.. most all of the plastic will be flocked black.

Out back I'm going to try to attempt a live edge wood and epoxy floor. But that's a few months away.
Lol new floorpan for the win. My back isn't happy but I gotta do it right.
Lots of wire wheel work. And tons of slow stitch welding. The firewall flange got trimmed back. It's now fully welded on both sides to help with the shudder and shakes.

The seat brackets and floor reinforcement will go in this weekend with some holes of media blasting the underside. Prime the bare metal section of the floor and get some seam sealer down.

Working on it outside cuts down on my available daylight so it's only an hour a night.


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Brake lines and the proportioning valve finalized. I also welded up some rust holes in the body at the roof above the drip rail and in the RR window frame. Now that the body can sit outside on dollies I can get the transmission and engine oil liquid cooler in and finish welding the rear bash bar.

Hopefully I can start final assembly next month.


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