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People near Oklahoma City find this pile of $h1+

Sadly he'll probably get away with it. Or if he is found he'll be isolated from the rest of prison population. Sick degenerates like that shouldn't be protected let him get whats coming to him. I just can't fathom what is going through someones mind to such a disgusting thing.
Nope, too much time for something to go wrong. When it's time to kill....kill.

Yup. Maybe a little pistol whipping to get the mood set but a simple bullet to the head, toss the corpse out for the animals and move on. As much fun as it is to romanticize a long and painful death the perp isn't learning anything and the executioner is the one that has to deal with the consequences.
Hung from a tree with just enough rope that as long as he’s standing on his tippy toes he’ll ba able to breath. Take a seat nearby and watch.
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