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May 30, 2020
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Anyone have experience with the different kits out there? Pump or no pump setup?

The dry hot weather of NM is a little miserable when the wife and I would like to enjoy sitting on the patio while smoking meat. My house has 50 psi water pressure from the faucet we would tie into. Plenty of electrical in the area if needed
To do it right you want a high pressure pump, and that's the expensive part. Also some method to descale the water so the heads don't clog up.
My dad, My self and one of our friends has a 1000 psi misting system from aeromist. We're happy with them.
I went with the copper.
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To do it right you want a high pressure pump, and that's the expensive part. Also some method to descale the water so the heads don't clog up.

That is what I've been seeing plus it depends on the amount of pressure the pump is rated for. 150 PSI, 300 PSI or 1000 PSI.

~$400 150 PSI systems
~$1200 300 PSI systems
~$2200 1000 PSI systems

We wont be out there all the time, maybe 1-2 times a week. The patio is a small area about 6' x 15' plus a small smoker area.
How loud is the pump? I can probably stash the unit in the shed but that could be some extra pipping.

It's loud enough to be an annoyance. My dads and mine are in our garages. We ran the poly tubing that comes with the kit through our attics.
So do you get wet staying under those? Do they cycle off and on?

If it gets too cool you'll get wet. I ordered the wrong emitters :homer: I'm going to order the smaller ones, My dad has the smaller ones and they don't get you wet. The house is wet in those pictures because that is right after the installation and I purged the lines.
Ours don't cycle.
In: The back porch is rough in for a mister system. I am going to grab my Fox and Hound to see if the plumbing is copper end-to end. I just got my water softener installed last month; so I am fucking ready to rock and roll! before the summer heat!
When your humidity is in single digits this works, if you're in some God forsaken 99% humidity location just give up and pray for death. :flipoff2:
Actually, it works in humid areas too... with the spray nozzle(s) in front of a big fan. And you gotta sit close to it.
I looked into this last summer so I could keep my dogs outside while at work during the peak of summer. It seems that most misters that are low budget will get things wet, but a high end "commercial" aka high PSI kit with small nozzles works well. They run about 2.5-3.5k? Correct?

I was going to put a kit in my screened in porch, but never pulled the trigger. Following.
I have a $20 kit that I bungee up to my awning on the bus when its hot. teed it off the outdoor shower head. Little 12v pump (no idea psi) . Works just fine.
Getting hot in Las Vegas. Already been a handful of days over 90 degrees. Humidity was 3% the other day. I was contemplating a mister last year. They are everywhere on the strip.
I bought a Ryobi kit at HD that used PVC. After gettting it I realized I could have made it easily all myself and just got their mister heads. It has 6 heads which covers my patio nicely and connects to a hosebib. I have an inline filter on it to soften the water. No pump needed.
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