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On going clean up of a derailment in Kansas City Missori this morning

you can scroll back and watch the derailment at 7:49 on the clock at the top of the screen
They must have shit their pants when the locomotives went on the ground over that viaduct. (I know train words).
That's right before it goes over the river. Better there than over the Missouri river.
Surprised they don't have the derailment as a seperate video yet.
There are 4 cameras there
It looks like the engines derailed first, then the cars started about the time they locked down the brakes.
That right there was my biggest fear any time we crossed a trellis and I didn't much like having to walk them on foot either. I don't miss that job one fuckin' bit.
Any you guys see this derailment near Hope, BC a couple days ago?

And then there's this crazy ooops from a few days ago.....

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