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May 20, 2020
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Northfield Vermont
NEA/NOVA meetings and stuff, Wheeling for warriors, Humble pie and Xrock and other New England events... lets get some chat going.

Whats everyone up to? Anyone?
The Q1 2022 NEA meeting will be held on Saturday February 5th in Gales Ferry, CT with wheeling at a nearby private property following the meeting. This meeting will be hosted by JT 4x4. A couple members of JT 4x4 belong to this group.

The meeting is open to all members of the NEA's 34 clubs and also invited guests.
It is. All 750 feet of it. I can walk it start to finish in about 5 minutes. It took 5 rigs over 2 hours to drive it. LOL.

Ill be at the NEA meeting. Walking the trails, maybe 2022 will be my year to actually have a driveable rig. :flipoff2:
Just you and me buddy. Haha.

That new trail you guys cut looks sweet!
Well that figures... I'm less than an hour away from the meeting spot, and I'll be up in your neck of the woods that weekend.
Trying to get Twisted Axles in as part of NEA4WD. Not going well, most of the old timers are stubborn, crotchety and don't want any part of it.
Trying to get Twisted Axles in as part of NEA4WD. Not going well, most of the old timers are stubborn, crotchety and don't want any part of it.
As long as you still get out on the trail and have fun then its all good.
It was 50 degrees overnight. All my snow is about gone and now the deep freeze is coming. Ice wheeling tomorrow!!!
I didn't grab many pictures from the run after the NEA meeting. We spent the morning fixing a JL that sheared off a "HD" tierod end. Grabbed a JK tierod from a another club members house close by to get it off the trail.

Eric Did you make it to the run?


Damn, at least you guys know each other. I might be the only other guy that's checking in here and I'm from PA.
Admittedly, the last NEA meeting I went to Jay was still president... Boust' time to get reinvested.
Whats on everyones work bench this week.

22rp about ready to drop in to a friends runner and found a set of OG longfields in a parts axle.


Springs comin! Well probably do a mid week jericho trip in may once they open up.
Gonna hobble out to the shop this week and see if I can still tig hopefully. If that goes well I'm gonna weld up my new(longer) pedals for the buggy. I might be able to swap them too if I can sit on a rolling stool and get my leg under the buggy.

Last pic of my trash before I broke my leg was just getting the trans/cases back in. I didn't even finish filling the trans.

Hinged frame to mount cargo rack. Piano hinge sounded like a great idea until it came time to drill 36 holes.

The mound of snow covering my F150 and most of the "parts" has melted so I started disassembly of a D50 TTB to rob for parts for D44 TTB.
Any of you guys ever been to AOAA?

Wondering if there’s decent small rock areas for a Geo on 30’s.
There's plenty for that there IMHO. Pretty much all the blue trails should be a blast. Blacks might be a challenge for sure though.

That place is on the side of the mountain. For the most part the rocks are up top and the mud is down low although there's a few exceptions. Far side across the road is a bit more spread out scenic kinda area, although I don't spend much time over there.
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