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Looking forward to getting the rig some upgrades and get out this year.
Lots of good things going on this summer! Join an NEA4WD club!

May 4th - NEA4WD 2nd quarter meeting @ Hedmonds in Maine hosted by Maine4x4

May 17-19 - F&F season opener

May 31st - Wheeling for warriors

June ? - Jericho Hooky Day

June 14-16 - NEA4WD F&F weekend.

June 21-23 NEA4WD F&F Weekend

June 21-23 Glass Mountain big work weekend

July (?) Jungle Summer Bash, Bethel Vermont

July 4th - F&F Summer Blast

July 20th - NEA4WD Glass Mountain Work Day

July 21st (?) - Toyota Fest, Toyota car show in mass

August 8th - F&F Ledge Stock R/C

August 10th - NEA4WD 3rd quarter meeting in Jericho NH hosted by NWOR

August 17th - NEA4WD Glass Mountain Work Day

September 6th - NEA4WD Fall Crawl

September 21st - Glass Mountain Work Day

September 26th - F&F Humble Pie

October - Columbus weekend - Yankee Toys Fall Gathering @ F&F open to NEA4WD members

October 28th - NEA4WD F&F weekend

October (?) - Jericho Creep Crawl, Jericho NH

November 2nd - NEA4WD 4th Quarter Meeting @ Chutes and Ladders (ct? ri?) hosted by OSJ
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