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Newer D60 superduty axle seals into older kingpin d60 info step inside


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May 20, 2020
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I've found bits and pieces of information on this on multiple sites, I'm gonna put it all together here.

here is what I've found with my 79 Ford hp d60...
Normal "old school" dana/spicer #36487
1357418633_SPICER36487Dana60TUBESealfits1978to1978FordF-250F-350.jpg - Click image for larger version  Name:	1357418633_SPICER36487Dana60TUBESealfits1978to1978FordF-250F-350.jpg Views:	0 Size:	37.8 KB ID:	9397

nothing wrong with these, work fairly well on good non pitted axle shafts and good straight housings.

"First Gen" superduty seals, national seal part number #710492. This is what oreillys computer list for axle seals for my 79 hp d60 also BUT they DO NOT fit without some modification, I will cover that below. I have ran these and they work great if you have old axle shafts with scored or pitted sealing surfaces. These are somewhat a pita to install also, not going to be able to just pound these in like the old school seals above, I took a piece of 1/2 all thread with some plates and a bushing driver and push them from inside of the differential housing. Install the bearing cap on the opposite side and use it for your backer per say for your tooling. Make sure your pushing on the very outside of these seals, you will screw them up on the install if not.
I will warn you though the axles have to be pounded into the seals due to their 2 piece design and are a real PITA to remove for teardown, not something your gonna want to do on the trailside. I had to get a pry bar behind the yoke of the inner axle and pry against the tube/c to work them out. Took me about an hour to get both shafts out.
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modification to make these work...
My axle tubes have 2 steps per say machined into them as they enter the center section. The normal ID of the tube itself, then a step down of about a half inch long, then another step down where the seal gets installed. The outer lip on the black part of the seal above does not fit into the first step down from the full axle tube ID. You will need to take a grinder or similar and grind down the OD of that lip to fit into the ID of the second step of your axle tube. I've been told later axles may not need this modification. You will be ok without this lip because the seal will only float in just a little bit before it hits the carrier bearing.

"Second Gen" superduty axle seals, national part #710865
just installed these and did not have to make any modifications, these do not press all of the way in like you would think. They bottomed with about a 1/8" still showing but there is plenty of clearance for the carrier and bearings to fit correctly from what I can tell. I will work on finding good picture of this one.

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I just installed the "2nd gen Super Duty '05+" seals in my 95 ball joint housing (which has "1st gen Super Duty '99-'04 knuckles). Easy install using the tool from Torque King.

Researching these seals it looks like the 2nd gen SD seals have an ID of 1.575", whereas standard D60 shafts have a seal OD of 1.562". Do these seals have enough elasticity to make up the small difference and provide a proper sealing?
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Obscure perhaps, but nonetheless... I have 36487's in a housing that has 37 spline (1.625 OD IIRC) shafts. I can stuff this through the 36487's and as the seal area is 1.5625 on my shafts, they stretch over the splines, pop back, and work. Is this possible with the later seals? I'm pretty sure with the 710492 it's not viable, not sure on the later 710865, I've never held one of those in hand.
There was 2 different seals with a different ID. I went with the smaller of the 2, part number I posted above and they worked fine on my 79 axle.

finally got locker back from Yukon so hopefully get it back together tomorrow.
Got my seals installed yesterday ("Second Gen" superduty axle seals, national part #710865). They stick out a bit more when fully seated than the stock style seal but are nice and tight on my 35-spline shafts. My axle is a Diamond 609 so clearance isn't an issue with the carrier bearings in any way.