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New to me 88 Montero SWB with a 4D56 swap

Started by scanning the front end and drawing up what I think the front bumper should look like. Not gonna lie, hardcore inspired by the shorty overlander on IG.

Winch is on the way and I'll model it up so I can get the winch mount plate sorted. Looks like it should mount neatly between the frame rails behind the bumper.
Back in the day I had a '87 Raider that I loved. Unfortunately I was a dingus at the time and didn't maintain it worth a damn and the motor eventually seized when the oil pickup tube fell off on the way to school. Recently I'd been jonesing to get back into some trail riding and spotted this glorious example of a SWB Montero with a 4D56 swap down near Santa Cruz. Meet the Brento-Box.


Plans for the Brento-Box are the usual:
Winch front bumper
Rear bumper with carrier
33 x 10.5 tires (probably)
Air locker rear from a later model montero
Debating SAS front or designing and fabricating a long travel IFS
Gratuitous trail riding here in CA.
I'm interested in the winch mount and front bumper plans. You put a lot of time in them. Will you sell me a ser of drawings or cut plans?