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May 19, 2020
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I am building a house on the property my shop is on. There are some pics of my shop in the shop section. The house will be 1100’ from my shop at the front of the property. I don’t presently need a house for myself or family, just need a place for my 81yr old father. 12 years ago I bought a 1200sq foot house 2 miles away so that first my grandfather and then my mother would be close by so I could look after them. I ended up living in that house for a year taking care of my mother before she died. I was not a fan of small house living while caring for her.
This house will more than likely be where I die, hopefully at least 20-30 years from now. Not going to take out a loan to build it and it will be a house that my woman will be able to live in after I am gone.
I want single level, on slab, all 2x6 walls. Water will go in under the slab and be run in the walls in pex. Slab will be 6” with 24x24 footer, all acid stained polished, saw cut on 10x10 just like my shop. I have lived on an acid stained slab in my shop house for 14 years and it has been perfect, cool in the summer, warm enough in winter that i don’t run heat at all. I am in the foot hills of South Carolina near the North Carolina border. So cold is not an issue.
I am enlarging the garage to 48x32, that will make the future office 12x21 and the screened room 14’x21’ also will extend the covered porch by 9’ feet.
If it was not going to be a place that I was building for my fathers end of life I would probably not be building as big of a house. I work my ass off and my reward is the ability to live better than I do. Buying land and building cool things has been my life, badass shop was my goal fancy house was never a desire. I did not have a family when I built my shop.
Am I missing anything on the house build that I will regret? Absolutely do not want a crawl space, curbless shower, easy access for walkers and wheelchairs, ample parking, great area to enjoy an amazing view and a normal enough house that I am not that guy forever. If I ever decide to move I at least have a chance to sell this place. Everyone thinks a shop house is a great idea until you try to sell a 500k property that is non traditional. I never worried about it, but at some point it will be an issue for my family.
My shop before anyone says the garage is not big enough. I don’t have any current outside pictures. The two 10x10 door bay and apartment bay have hardie siding painted a darker tan. trimmed in matching grey of the building. It breaks up the outside of the shop and makes it a little less industrial looking.




Nice shop. I love concrete floors. I've got polished concrete in my house. Water pipe under the slab, put it in a conduit so it can be replaced easily if something happened. Also washer/dryer is a far walk from bathrooms/bedrooms. Id lose some of that master walk in closet space to have the washer dryer off the hall. I made that mistake when building my house.
1100 foot is a long way.

I had to bring my utilities back 500 feet from my home and that was expensive. I wanted to go back another thousand feet and it was just financially prohibitive.

You have a Layout that works for road between the house & shop?

my set up, I brought in 400 amp service and then split it down to two 200 amp feeds. One for the house one for the shop. (One meter)

Are you doing two separate services? Two separate septics. Two separate wells?
In my opinion, I'd take that screened in porch and turn it into a conditioned sunroom or make it part of the house. You don't get much breeze in a screened in porch. You and I live in about the same climate. When it's hot enough for bugs, it's just about too hot to be comfortable in a screened in porch.
Shop is at the back corner of the 12.5acres. I paid up when I built the shop and ran power underground with 2 transformers on the run. Shop is completely free standing, owner water,septic,washer/dryer, a/c 400amp service with a 200amp sub panel.
The house is going up by the road at the front of the property. It will share the shop driveway entrance that is 50-60’ wide. House will have its own power and water, it will be set in the wooded Section of my land.
If I ever decide to sell shop, or the house separate it would be very doable. I don’t see that happening but I like the option.
The house would be the orange finger painted area. Near the road. The wooded area is the only part of the property that in not fenced. I will fence it separate from the existing fence because the wildlife still uses that front area as a highway, bear, deer and turkey mostly.