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i hit the 3 bars upper left looking for member options and it was on the bottom pull down.
now not there once i installed the app.
I don't seem to have it. I wonder if it has anything to do with having the old app installed (now deleted).
So what is this app vs Chrome? It almost seems like it's just my browser minus the options to open new tabs etc? Or is this actually a custom app?

Edit: I'm using the app now. I might keep doing so.
Weird. I don't have that on either of my phones.

Are you on Android or IPhone?
Re~ Android

The menu options only goes down as far to members, dunno if that bottom part (Task bar) is blocking my view-
It's called a Progressive Web App and iOS being a PIA doesn't support it ....yet.

Your browser doesn't always check to see if sites have it so it may take awhile for yours to detect it.
I found it. Android whatever the newest version is. It's way at the bottom and i could on see it after denying push notifications twice.
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