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May 21, 2020
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Do you have to pay for the pre-licensure education or can you just take the exam(s)?
It's exam only in most states, but you also have to get insurance and a bond which is almost impossible without documented experience. In MT no exam is needed but you need to register and carry insurance.
Gotta pay, its 60 hrs of course work with test to satisfy the folks that run this shithole ($600-800, I forget) . I grew up there building and still do some work on occasion when I visit family, depending on the county/township the inspectors are a pain in the ass. Brandon township and Bloomfield hills is a dumpster fire. I just completed a large structural/reno job in Birminham, inspectors were pretty fair (they actually leave the county vehicle and inspect work). I am a retired powertrain engineer working as a builder/GC, I choose to build in Montana.
Sorry but I can't type enough words in response to your query(we know how you love wall o text).
Thus I gotz nuthin...
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