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Looks like shit is goin down over there

According to my desktop; Pirate is stuck on the last time I was on there: 0041HRS (12:41am).

Fuck; the next time we post there, it'll be the shit-new format. :mad3::mad3::frown:
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They need the products (you cretins) out of the way while they update the platform to better serve the customers (ad clicks) :flipoff2:

Used photofuckit when it was a viable option and lately imgur.
I don't know jack about running a board but is this typical for an upgrade? Seems to me like you would have what you wanted to move to ready to go, do a last update pull and swing to the new and everyone is fat dumb and happy. Unless they are doing something stupid like an in-place upgrade and trying to change out some tires on a running vehicle. ;)
It's not an upgrade though, they're transitioning to entirely new software. Went through the same shit on Jeep Forum when the Canadians did this shit over there.