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Lizard Skin coatings?

Tin Roof

May 20, 2020
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Anyone have any experience with using the Lizard Skin coatings in a vehicle? I have an ‘01 Suburban with some nasty ass carpet that I’m thinking about tearing out and replacing with this stuff. This rig is a spare vehicle that I use to pull our fishing boat and snowmobile and sxs trailers. I really like the thought of not having carpet in it and being able to hose it out if I want. Lizard Skin products seem to get good reviews.
I want to avoid any long term chemical smells. Our snowmobile trips are just over 6 hours one way. That’s a long time in a cab that smells like bedliner.
I bombed the bottom of my tub with the ceramic coating on my Jeep build. For the interior I went with Monstaliner though. I’m a fan of both products for sure.



close ups of the texture. This was laid down using their spray gun kit.


It is pretty damn tuff when prep is good and you even remotely follow the instructions. It is not bed liner tough, but stout and dampens steel differently than linex/rhino. it would work well for what you want to do, but I would cut rubber mats to go over it. Footwells, trans tunnel and rear floor. I am a big fan of the 1/2” stall mat material you can buy by the foot. I have it in my cj5. It makes a huge difference.

For sound deadening lizard skin
is just one step in a multi step process. On the hood of my k20 it is lizard skin, closed cell foam, mass loaded vinyl and closed cell foam aluminum. I did that to keep as much of the 24v Cummins rattle from transferring through the hood to the windshield. The down pipe is wrapped in two layers of exhaust wrap with a thin lead sheet(12lbs worth) around the pipe between the layers of exhaust wrap.
The inner fenders are are coated completely on the wheel side, dynamatt on the top side where it can’t be seen in the engine compartment. The valve cover and oil pan have blankets, lots of little details to make it reasonably quite. The truck did over 6000 miles from South Carolina to KOH and back this year. The effort to reduce the noise made it a very comfortable trip.
I would think long and hard about pulling the carpet out. I did this in my trail rig with no ac and the heat is unbearable in the summer. But if you do look at the diy options. There are some good threads about making you own using ceramic beads mixed in with paint. I am contemplating mixing the beads with some bedliner to help keep the heat down in my truck.