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Just My little Buggy Build


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Mar 30, 2021
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I've been wanting to build a buggy for a few years now but haven't had the time. With the RONA these last few months its given me some time to focus on this project and a few more. I've had a good many of these parts for awhile so here's a list. I have a bunch of pictures on a couple phones so I'll get them uploaded as I can. As each part was delivered I drew it up in Solidworks.

6.0 Engine
TH350 Trans
Atlas 4 speed
Dana 60
Dana 70
Racelines with BFG's.

One of the first parts I drew up was my King Shocks. I made each part individually so I could move it in the assembly.


The next part that UPS brought was my trans cooler. I will say this, during the rona shipping sucked. I waited several times for 30 to 45 days to get parts from FEDEX because it tracked being at the hub here but when I got there they couldn't find it.

I ordered this cooler https://www.jegs.com/i/Derale/259/15900/10002/-1

then took measurements and brought it into Solidworks. This is one of the only parts I added color to just because it was cool.

Trans Cooler.PNG
The next part that came in the mail was from Wide Open Design and it was the winters shifter. https://www.wideopendesign.com/winters-shifter

Again, like a broken record I drew this in Solidworks. The main purpose for doing all of this is to save time as I do this will I'm on the couch watching TV with my wife.

Winters Shifter.PNG
At this point, I'm tired of drawing and not making. So I drew these tube ends and then turned them on the lathe and put the holes on the mill.

I'm not a machinist but I think they turned out great. I went ahead and made 8 or 9 of them while I was at it. I don't plan on using all of them but who knows I may.

I'll post more tomorrow when I have time. I need to get some sleep.

Tube Ends.PNG

Tube Ends 3.jpeg

Tube Ends 2.jpeg
One more post, I ordered the 8 circuit wiring harness from Busted Knuckle. I really like the way its built. I ordered this one https://bustedknuckleoffroad.com/col.../bkrelaycenter

Again, I drew it in solidworks but I didn't add all the wires. I made sure I'm within .03125 of each part to make sure when I start adding all the parts that it fits.



Fuse Panel.PNG
Just a few parts pictures. I got these Crane drive flanges. Also, the 7075 Aluminum link material that will go into the steel tube link materials.


For this chassis design I will be laying the radiator down a good bit so I decided to make a new expansion tank and catch tank. It kind of hurts my feels to cut on the griffin radiator.



I ordered king bump stops from Filthy Motor Sports. The same company I ordered my king coil overs from. Once they came in, which took a couple months, I got right to drawing it up.

Assembly 2.PNG

Assembly 2.PNG

More CAD work. Lots and lots of CAD work. I use the time watching TV with my wife to draw these parts so its a win win. Drew up the 1.25 Hiems so I can used these in the assemblies. If you have used Solidworks you can make each part and then make a sub assembly so you can move each part.

1.25 Hiem.PNG
I am not sure I will even use these but I bought some of the trail gear tube joints. Went ahead and modeled it, just in case.

Trail Gear Tube Joints.PNG
I ordered the disk break kits from lugs4x4. Nice kit, had everything i needed. I did spring for the upgraded stainless braided lines.

Some pictures of the 6.0 we are freshening up.





I also installed the Yukon super joints and the front axle shafts.


When I bought the axles second hand they already had chromoly shafts and super joints but they were not installed. I found out that they ordered ford chromoly shafts and super joints and would not work in this axle. It’s funny how god works sometimes because I opened the rear diff cover and it did have 5:13 gears with Detroit Lockers. But from the picture you can tell it was setup incorrectly.

So I figured out that the 4149 shafts I got with my axle were for actually for a Ford Axle. So I ordered the correct shafts with super joints.

I also started putting all the parts I drew in Solidworks into a chassis design.



I also started cutting out my sub frame assembly. I chose to make my sub frame in this way because I didn’t want to use rectangle tube and have to worry about drilling through both frames to make it even etc. here are a few pictures from me assembling that. It’s a tab and slot design so it can only be assembled one way. Also a picture of the pallet of parts I have for this project. The skid plate is a 3 piece design and can be removed. I also choose to make my shock towers adjustable up or down 3 inches.




Haven’t gotten all my pictures off my old phone but here is a picture of the chassis with my wife testing out seat position. It’s coming along very well so far. I made it the chassis large enough for me because I’m 6’3” and I didn’t want to be cramped.

I am not sure how well the adjustable shock mount will work but once I get everything setup the way I want I may weld them in. Haven’t made a decision yet. Here are a couple pictures of cardboard between the mounts and the mounts that weld to the chassis.


New piece of equipment for the new shop. Don’t have power yet so I can’t even plug it in and play with it. This is as bad as being a kid at Christmas.


So I've finally gotten moved into my new building. All equipment was moved without much problems. This week I have been able to get some work done on the buggy. It is sitting on all for with suspension in place. I am at 19" off the group with a 113 wheel base. I made some tie rods for the hydro steering but they are 1 inch to short. I copied the extensions that came with the ram. I have some new tie rods made that I'll throw on tomorrow. In the picture the bottom of the tire is 45" from the ground.

Some new tube ends. Thinking about offering these if anyone is interest along with custom length tie rod extensions.
Some of what I’m working on. These tie rod extensions were for a Can-Am defenders but its how I did mine also. I put 7075 inside my lower links after I turned them down a tad to get them to fit ha. That was a bitch.




Super cool build, inspired at your SW CAD work, I've been working on a design and trying to draw in a combo of Bend-Tech and SW, I dont have near the skill set as you, so alot of parts are ones I found somewhere on line.
Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing more as you progress.
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