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Japanese Import Engines, need help with my 04 honda pilot


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May 19, 2020
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I have water coming out the front bank of my 04 honda pilot, 186K. This is/was going to be my daily driver.
The motor did get hot in January, radiator failed. It was replaced and the vehicle has been driven since then. Got the wife a new car and I have been driving the honda, now it wants to act up.

Im guessing a cracked head, the pilot drives fine. If I put my foot in it she goes, will spin the tires. Milage is way down, getting 11.5 in town. Throwing codes, misfire in 4,5,6 (all on the same bank) along with a random misfire. Plugs look good, coil packs were replaced in January. I swapped the coils around to see if the code followed, it didn't.

Last night I found it leaking water out of where the exhaust manifold bolts to the exhaust pipe. Im guessing a cracked head or head gasket. For the cost of parts im almost at the price of a used motor, ~$700. Any feedback on these 50k mile japanese import motors?
I was thinking if I replaced the motor I would also do the transmission, since it has that many miles on it.
I got one years ago for my Civic. Dropped it in and ran fine for a couple years till I sold it.
Those Japanese import engines are garbage in my opinion.
I've had to replace 2 engines in my fleet of service trucks this year. A 2017 dodge promaster with the 3.6, and a 2010 toyoga tundra with the 4.0 v6. For both engines I went with used ones from LKQ. Low miles the hadn't been opened up. Get one from a wrecked vehicle if possible. That way you know it was running until the day it rolled, got rear ended, etc...

Just my .02
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Finding low mileaged wrecked vehicles is nearly impossible. Im in the same boat with an 3.4V6/5vz in a farm/local truck and everything around me is pushing 200K. No thanks.
Same issue with a low mile factory engine, they just don't seem to exist.

The other issue I am struggling with is do I wan't to fix this and keep it for another 5 years, or sell it and my subi outback (was planning on selling) and get something else.
Or sell the honda and keep the subi.
Or sell the subi and keep the honda.

I need room for kids, hockey bag (goalie bag, friken big), and good milage in town.
We found a JDM 3.4 with around 120k for $1500. Then the trans started slipping. Finally getting around to getting rid of it with full disclosure. Tomorrow actually:smokin:

tgere were some differences. Like the dipstick location that still needs to be moved. But they know that. The whole motor got regasketed and a new timing set before install.

Have bought several engines from these guys in Jamaica, New York and every one of them has worked out great. Last one was a EJ25 that went in a Forester that broke the T/B and bent valves. Engine was definately JDM as the timing belt sticker on the cover was filled out in Japaneese and it had the brake booster port on the right side of the manifold for RHD. That motor was so clean you could have eaten out of it. Only issue was shipping damage to the timing belt covers, but I just used the ones from the popped engine.
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