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Introduction: Reno Off-Road (Parts & Accessories)

Reno Off-Road (Parts)

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May 18, 2020
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Hey everyone,

This is Jason Baden from Reno Off-Road. I am looking forward to connecting here on IRATE4x4, and helping everyone with their builds, prep-work, or just getting your rigs set up for the weekend warrior trips and keeping your rolling.

Reno Off-Road specializes in parts and accessories for Jeep - 4xr4 - Buggy - UTV & Race Parts. We are a premier BFG Racing distributor, shipping tires and other parts daily, both nationwide and international for our oversees rock and rally racing teams and customers.

We are a family owned business located in Reno, Nevada. We use what we sell. We support the industry by sponsoring race and land use organizations. We sponsor several race teams and individual garage grown racers as well. We believe in giving back to the community/industry/customers who have helped our business continue to grow over the years.

Below, is a copy from our About Us page at www.RenoOffRoad.com for more info.

I hope to see you in the dirt and keep connected on IRATE4x4.

About Us

Reno Off-Road is a Family Business

Thank you for visiting our online store. My name is Jason, and I hope to earn your business. We are small family owned business. Myself, my wife Marianne, and our two daughters. We are extremely passionate about what we do, the off-road industry, and how Reno Off Road can help you with top name brands at affordable prices. I will explain more on this below.

How Reno Off-Road Started

I started with a goal of helping customers get the quality parts they want, at prices they can afford. Because I too wanted quality parts, yet, my budget said otherwise. I recognized a need and have been doing my best to fill it.

I began in 2002, selling my VW and dirt bike parts on eBay. Parts I acquired throughout a lifetime and stored away in the garage, like many of us do. Then, buying off-road parts at scrap yards, and selling then on eBay. Until I was able to build Reno Off-Road.com that would one day become a leading off-road parts and accessories business.

To this day we still sell used parts and even used vehicles from weekend crawlers to competition trophy trucks.

Jeep & 4x4 Parts | Buggy & Sand Parts

Our family business, and our personal lives include these vehicles and parts. It is what we know, and continue to enjoy for over 30+ years.
  • Marianne drives a 1974 Jeep CJ5 (full width swap).

  • Jason drives a Chenowth dual sport mid-travel buggy.

  • Siena Jolie, drives a 1968 California Clipper fiberglass buggy as her daily driver.

  • Raquella enjoys driving them all.

  • Delivery truck - RoR’s parts delivery truck is a 1997 F350 crew cab diesel with a 8 inch lift, running 38” Toyos and more.

All of our toys are built with Reno Off-Road parts and accessories.

“We use what we sell”

Race & UTV Parts

Over the past 8 years, Reno Off-Road (Parts & Accessories) has grown with the industry, and added product lines based on our customers wants and needs. Racing and UTV is one of those areas.

We introduced Race Only parts, such as BFG Racing tires and our business started to grow faster than we were ready for. The same with UTV parts, and for that, Reno Off-Road is grateful. We have been excited to grow with the industry and fill this need. Our reviews from customers has confirmed our commitment, and keeps us focused.