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IBB Kenmore ice maker professionals, lend me your ear


May 19, 2020
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I need some help.

We bought this old house that came with this old (2005) refrigerator. The ice maker has never worked and I am sick and tired of it. Model number is 106.56546400

All troubleshooting has been based off of this thread at some nerd appliance forum.

Based on that thread, my ice release fingers should be in the flat position and my red LED indicator should be on steadily when the ice flapper door is in a position to let the optical eye see itself. Fingers in the raised position would indicate an ice maker failure while the optical eye blinking on a twice per second interval would indicate an optical eye failure.

My confusion is that I have both problems. My release fingers do not lay flat and my LED indicator blinks no matter if the optical eye can see itself or not. Do I have two problems or is there a third thing I can troubleshoot? I do not believe that I have a frozen line based on the fact that those other two issues are present, but I plan to shoot hot water in there once I can get to work to borrow a large syringe.

The cost of replacing both the ice maker assy and the optical control circuitry puts us into refrigerator replacement territory at about $400. I'm not throwing $400 at an unknown refrigerator without some solid verification of the problem, but I really don't feel like buying a new one either :laughing:
I got nothin. :flipoff2:

Figured it out. Changed the optics, found a $25 circuit board on Amazon that didn't turn up in my previous searches.

Thanks fawkers :flipoff2:
I don't know how you barbarians can live without an ice maker in the house!
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