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I dislike a lot of things about where I live.....


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May 19, 2020
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Bonners Ferry, ID
But this always makes me proud:usa:

As tribute to our veterans and armed forces, 11 different organizations throughout the Paradise Ridge donate their time to put 1,100 flags along Skyway an Elliot Road. It is a beautiful and patriotic sight. Three times a year, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and the 4th of July the flags can be seen as you drive or walk along the Skyway and Elliot Roads. The flags are out, weather permitting, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.



Can't get my own Pic to load, but those are better.

Touch of allergies this morning driving down the hill. Despite the town looking like hammered dog shit 18 months after they fire, they still fly the flags proudly.


Happy 4th, be safe and be free!
I remember this from my days living in town in the early 1970s until high school was over.
Great sight!
I had a fly over this am 7 ww2 aircraft in an missing man formation..
If I say yes, will that make you happy?

just cuz I used to have a lot of friends with Harley's..

yah know how I talk about a group of sites I used to help with, 4 of which had their own magazines.. and NOW almost all are dead.. the only one I ever pay attention to is HarleyZone.com.. if you look at a list on there, about who were the early members, it says I was 1st.. in July of 02

so I thought this might be a cool story to share over there.. but only if it is your picture or something, cuz its autographed and probably protected??
Meanwhile, in Virginia, state officials are ordering flags be taken down. Because “they might become targets of protestors.”