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Hydraulic power pack stuck


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May 19, 2020
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North Idaho
I have a 115v hydraulic power pack here. I tested it a year ago and it worked fine. Now that I have my bender stand made and got it all plumbed up, it won't turn over. It has a normal power switch and it is supposed to run constantly and the external valve controls the direction of the cylinder. I flip the switch and it sounds like it is trying to spin, but it won't. I stuck a screwdriver in the fan to help it get started and it didn't help.

I removed the hoses and it still won't start. Where do I start? I don't want to go pulling random parts off without knowing what they do :homer:
I see a solenoid. Smack it with a hammer while it’s energized. If that doesn’t work, remove it and clean out the crud.
I am guessing it is the "start capacitor".. It lives under that hump on top the motor. There might be a "centrifugal switch"on the tail-end of the motor that may have shit the bed. It has been a long time since I have fucked with this shit. Enjoy.

Odds are 10:1 on the capacitor...
Try opening the valve at the same time you try to start it? Maybe the valve is stuck. From what you are describing it should be an open center valve.
I unbolted the motor from the pump and it still wouldnt spin. I ordered a new capacitor. I hope that fixes it.
Well, I got a new start capacitor and it didn't help.

I tore it apart today and found broken stuff. They call it a stationary switch, but I haven't been able to find the exact one I need. Most websites have stock photos, so I can't really match it up by the pictures.

Do you have a electric motor rebuilder in your area? That's where I would start. The frame is a h56y you'll need that shaft length, diameter and to know if it is keyed (most likely) or threaded if you have to replace the motor.
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