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Hows the weather?

Pretty shitty. 43 and raining enough to ruin the day but not raining enough to amount to anything.
49°, 43° with the wind. Light sprinkle.
We'll be cooking chicken in the oven vs the rotisserie on the Weber.
77 and gorgeous.

Wee took down the big tree in our front yard, and now there's no shade. Yesterday we set up the easy up to hang out with the dog and have a couple beers with the neighbors. Just got back from running a couple errands and it seems we've started a trend. Multiple people hanging out in their front yards BSing with neighbors and a couenothet easy ups and umbrellas.
It’s 89 and windy. Heat index has been 105 - 109 the past few days. Calling for 2-6+ inches of rain over the next few days.
It’s 89 and windy. Heat index has been 105 - 109 the past few days. Calling for 2-6+ inches of rain over the next few days.

Bajeezus! Fatboy started sweating just reading that.:laughing:
68 degrees, full sun, and not a bit of humidity. We don't get too many days this nice so I'm digging it
Was 83°F and sunny half an hour ago, then a popup T-storm popped up. Now it's pouring rain and 73°F So much for enjoying the afternoon outside... :mad3:
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Dry 73* and windy Typical central NM weather. Tomarrow the weather guessiers are saying thunderstorms but I believe it when they happen.
High 80s low humidity. Roasting my ass off. Grilling up 2 racks of ribs and a bunch of corn. Thinking about drinking.
68* no clouds and slight wind... I should be stoked, but feels a bit chilly for some reason. :homer:

A month ago we had a few days like tis and I was in a tank top and shorts doing cat wheels... :laughing: I want that 80 degrees...
Only mid 80's but the humidity... let's just say there's water dripping off my roof and it hasn't rained in 4 days.
68,sunny and a light onshore breeze.You know, the weather all the rest of you wish you had:flipoff2:
It’s cooler today.

its 88 and 65% RH
feels like 93

82 degrees and 70% humidity i dont like walking outside and my balls automatically sticking to the sides of my legs fucking sucks I rather have snow.
Mid 80's but humid as shit and supposed to pour rain. I so want to ride the bike but I dont like doing that in the rain and my back has been jacked the past few weeks.
52 and 32% humidity, cloudy. Was a little chilly most the day, but not snowing, and not 100*.
70F and perfect humidity. Not windy. Sunny. Typical USA northern-tier State May day.

I sat out on my porch and smoked a corona and fell asleep like a baby.
Typical East Texas Spring. We had a front move through last night with almost 15 minutes of hurricane force winds. NWS says 60 sustained amd 75 gusts. I tried to stay outside the whole time but I almost got hit by a shingle and moved inside. Rain for the next 12 days.