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How Big of tires Can I fit?


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May 19, 2020
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So How big of tires can I fit under my Jeep CJ with no lift????

So..... How big of tires can I fit with No lift?

These are the kinds of threads you get when you launch your site on a Tuesday....
Haha. Didn't say shit about cutting so I'ma say cut out the rear body, cut off front fenders & stuff some 50s on 1" BS on there! You don't need to be turning with any less than a 50point affair. .
It's really simple math, the size of tires that can fit with no lift is directly proportional to the amount of money spent minus the rust quotient. I'll save you the headache of working out this equation because I doubt you could get the right answer anyways and tell you that Beat95yj already answered correctly.
Move your leaf springs from horizontal to vertical and you can fit 54s no prob.
fawk I was just going to post this thinking how clever I was. as usual someone on irate4x4 is way ahead