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Hiring movers/ pods/ moving....


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May 19, 2020
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Roseburg, OR
Anybody have experience hiring movers or using pods/ pack rats? Who did you use and why? How did you feel about the cost and what did it cost? Reviews, etc....?
were looking to move and we will box all the normal stuff.
Were going to be spread pretty thin on time with a ton of things at play so im trying to decide where my time/ money value lies. Any help or advice appreciated...

Had movers twice. Once from Chicago to Nashville (9k) and one from Nashville to Raleigh (7k). United moved us from Nashville and was pretty good. They packed everything. The move from Chicago wasnt as smooth. Mayflower repacked the truck and crammed everything in. We had more crap in Chicago so it was more. It all really depends on the local company that they contract out for the job.
Not me, but my dad in 2015. Allied from Richmond to Kansas City, $5k iirc. I showed up right before they did that morning and they brought in like 10 people for a 2 bedroom apartment to catalogue and pack everything. He signed off on a numbered list of everything they packed. I wasn't there for the unpack but I know nothing got lost or broken in the move.

From what I understand, Allied subs out the pack and unpack and only handles the actual transport directly. So I guess it all depends on how good the local subs are.
Best deal is using an LTL company like Old Dominion. They will drop off a trailer and allow you pack it yourself. You give them a call and they come out and partition off the trailer and seal it. (you get the front of the trailer, they use what you don't for whatever they want) I think your billed by weight and linial footage. I shipped a boat load of tools from New Jersey (yeah it sucks) to Utah with out any issues. I think the trailers are fitted with E-tracks; use them wisely and make sure everything is strapped down tighter than a witches vaginia. :smokin:

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I hired a couple russians off Craigslist to move my apartment to my house. Wife hired an actual moving company for 3x the price of the commies. We both agreed afterwards the commies were a much better deal! :flipoff2:
We used united last winter for our move, we did the pack/ unpack, they just moved. Since nobody has mentioned it...

Buy the fucking insurance! GF cheaped out and we had no recourse on the dented up new fridge and one of my tool boxes amongst some smaller things.
We used Pods last time we moved. Worked great for us to get our shit out of storage in Dallas. We were not ready to have it delivered to Benson Az so the stored the Pods (2) in Tucson. Storage was nearly what we were paying in Dallas. When we were ready after doing flooring & paint we called & they delivered. When empty we called and they picked them up. I don’t know if the wife can dig up what we paid but we thought it was less than the nightmare of a uhaul Truck & trailer goat rope across Texas in the winter.
I used 2 men and a truck to move across town from a town house we were renting to our current house. It was pretty awesome and I will never move my own shit again. We packed everything.
We used 2 pods and a 16ft Ryder move to move my in laws near us. IIRC it was around 6k for the pods all told with shipping from CT to NC. Truck was like 4k.

Pluses were you could pack ahead of time. But you have to do it all yourself. Ratchet straps are your friend. Get more nylon rope than you ever think you could need. Same with boxes. An Aunt brought over 40 of the large IKEA totes bags made of tarp material. They turned out to be very handy for soft items that could be jammed in on top of the top layer of boxes. Ideally three teams. One packing boxes in the house, one carried to the truck and one playing tetris in the truck.

Movers come in all flavors but many play games and can hold your stuff hostage. But these days I'd imagine reviews should be easy to find. The best part is they bring a bunch of labor and knock it out with a quickness. And they already have all the supplies.
Ive moved a few times but now we have a ton of things at play so Id like to take something out of the mix. Im fine boxing everything and actually prefer it. Ill handle the garage since I dont trust anybody that much but hoping to find someone to weight lift the rest. Ha. Thanks for the info so far...
A friend and I hired some Home Depot workers for $20 a hour, once we got back to the house they tried to get $40, we said no and they left.
We went back to Home depot and got more.

So what stuff do you have for sale :)
Buy a 20' or 40' shipping container depending on what you need for space, pack it yourself, call shipping company to haul it. It will cost less than a regular move (probably alot cheaper if you pack yourself) and you get a free storage building. We did this when we moved from RI to Tx. :smokin:
A friend and I hired some Home Depot workers for $20 a hour, once we got back to the house they tried to get $40, we said no and they left.
We went back to Home depot and got more.

So what stuff do you have for sale :)

63 falcon thats about as fast as you would want to drive on the street for 25k. Has everything done to it and still full interior/ small tire car....
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